8 Tips for Navigating Disney Parks When They’re Over-Crowded

Winnie the Pooh Line

2. Be Courteous of Other Groups

Dealing with crowds is difficult enough, but you can make the situation worse if your own party doesn’t cooperate. If you’re wandering through the parks with more than four people, it’s best not to walk abreast. Try to vary your walking patterns as a courtesy to other walkers in the area. Those walking with strollers will also want to be cautious. There’s nothing worse than having a stroller ram into your feet, so try not to do the same to others. Also, if your group needs to stop and look at a map or have a conversation about where to grab lunch, move away from the middle of the walkway. Stopping in front of a crowd of people trying to walk makes the situation worse for everyone else trying to walk by. It’s also important to be patient and kind to the other guests and cast members around you!

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