8 Ways To Do Disney with Reluctant Teens

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When you have teenagers, a visit to Walt Disney World could be the last place they want to vacation. It’s important to make your teens feel included and enthusiastic about the vacation, and here are some ways to do Disney with your reluctant Teens:

8.) Put them in charge of Pictures

If you have a teen addicted to technology, what better way to involve them than by having them use that technology? Tell your teen that they’re in charge of recording your family trip, and they’ll use their phones to take pictures and videos of your wonderful Disney vacation. If you really want to, you can even make them a checklist of pictures that you and the rest of your family want. Make sure to include them on this, too!

7.) Stay at a WDW Resort

If you’re having trouble immersing your teens in the magic of Disney, then stay on Disney property! There’s no way they’ll be able to stop themselves from giving in to the charm and beauty of the Disney Resort Hotels. There are different resorts I’d recommend staying at depending on what type of resort you’re planning for. If you’re looking for a Value resort, I’d recommend Pop Century. If it’s Moderate, do Port Orleans Riverside (this was my favorite as a teenager). If you want a Deluxe resort, then you’ll want to do Animal Kingdom Lodge. All of these resorts are great at captivating attention in a way that doesn’t scream “five-year-old”, and your teen is sure to love them.

6.) Take them to Disney Springs

Disney Springs is an awesome experience, and teens love it. With shops, La Nouba, restaurants, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, DisneyQuest, and numerous other things to do, your teen is going to absolutely love taking a trip to this cool spot in Walt Disney World. Not only will they love it, but you’ll be showing them that Disney isn’t “for little kids” like they said it was on the car ride there.

5.) Go to parks with Extra Magic Hours

A perk of staying on Disney property is that you gain access to Extra Magic Hours where certain parks are open earlier or later than normal. Before you go, research when Extra Magic Hours are happening at which parks so that you and your teen can get extra time in the park. They will love having this opportunity to visit attractions they may have missed that will have smaller wait times. While it will make for longer days, it will make for happier memories between you and your teens.

4.) Take some time for relaxation

If your teen is slowly opening up to the idea of Disney, make sure not to overwhelm them. Teenagers get cranky the same way little kids do, so if you and your family need to go back to the hotel for an hour or two, do it. Let them hit the pool, watch a movie, or take a nap. Allow time for both you and your teen to relax and decompress after a busy day, and then go back to the park if you want to.

3.) Give them control over their spending money

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that you can get customized Walt Disney World gift cards with whatever characters you want on them delivered to your house (with free shipping). These cards can be loaded between $25-$100, and can be used pretty much anywhere in Walt Disney World. A good way to get your teen happy and involved is by giving them their spending money on these gift cards; not only are they customized, but your teen will have control over what they buy in the parks as far as souvenirs and snacks, which will make them feel like an adult, and feel like they have a say in what happen on the trip.

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2.) Don’t be afraid to split up

If you have younger kids AND teens, don’t try to keep your group together at all times. If your teen wants to go on Space Mountain and your younger children are too scared, then one parent can go with the teen on the ride while the other parent takes the younger one on Buzz Lightyear Ranger Space Spin. Don’t keep your teen from doing the things he or she wants to do; if they’re showing enthusiasm about something, let them do it. Not only will it make for a happier teen, but you’ll be happier knowing that they’re having a good time. If you have two older kids, let them go together. Trust me, they’ll still have their electronics on them at all times, so you’ll be able to get in contact with them. As long as you establish open communication, you and your teen should be fine splitting up for an hour or so.

1.) Include them in the Planning

If you want your teen to be excited about the trip, then include him or her in the planning. Research the parks and hotels with them, let them pick out a restaurant and have a say in the hotel, ask them when they would like to go, and give them authority to help make decisions. By giving them the chance to shape the trip, they are more likely to be excited about going. Don’t tell them what you’re going to do, ask them!

If you have a teen who isn’t super thrilled about visiting Walt Disney World, make the experience inclusive and exciting. Teens may say they’re not kids anymore, but once they give in to the charm of Walt Disney World, you’d be surprised at how young and excited they can really be.

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