9 Best Places to Get a Late Night Snack at Disney

Food Truck - Downtown Disney
Food Truck - Downtown Disney

Maybe you’ve had a jam-packed and fun-filled Disney day, or perhaps you took it easy and lounged by the resort pool, keeping your pace relaxed and outside of any schedule. Night has cozily settled in around you. You ate dinner hours ago, and are nowhere near ready to crawl under your covers and switch off the lights. There is nothing as lively and enchanting as Disney nights, no matter where you find yourself on property. Spectacular fireworks shows are bursting bright colors in the sky, and nighttime parades are in full swing. Downtown Disney is bustling with shoppers too excited to even think about slowing down. Disney Resort movies are playing under the stars, and some people are just now getting on the bus or monorail to head INTO their favorite Park for Extra Magic Hours. With all this activity, walking and expended energy, you may find your stomach grumbling for some much needed attention. Have no fear, there are PLENTY of late-night food options available for you and your choosy taste buds. And take note: you are on vacation, where the norm isn’t necessarily the norm, and eating a giant ice cream sundae or a big plate of nachos at 10 p.m. is perfectly acceptable! Here is our list of 9 best places to get a late-night snack at Disney World.

9. Cookes of Dublin, Downtown Disney

Have you ever heard of a Doh-bar? Well, let me give you the “skinny,” though there is absolutely nothing skinny about it! A Doh-bar is a battered Snickers bar, which is then deep-fried on a stick. One bite and you’ll be a loyal patron of this quick-service Irish dining spot for the rest of your life. Aside from the amazing Doh-bar, you’ll find options such as mini battered sausages, fish and chips, sweet and spicy wings, and even battered BURGERS. An extension of Raglan Road, this counter-service restaurant is always open late, typically until around 2 a.m. The broad menu with hard-to-choose-just-one selections will certainly satisfy that late night food craving with the freshest fish and the tastiest, heartiest, comfiest comfort-food around!

8. Boardwalk Pizza Window, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and Villas

Offering a simple menu of various topped pizza slices (or an entire pie!) and beverages (sangria, beer, soft drinks), this quick-service spot can be expected to be open until around midnight. Several tables surround the window, offering a place to take a load off and dive right into the mouthwateringly delicious pizza, or you can eat and stroll along the charming Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is located in between Epcot and Hollywood Studios and can be accessed by boat or on foot. Once the Park closes, a piping hot slice of pizza that will warm your belly might just be the perfect way to top-off your night!

7. Gaston’s Tavern, Magic Kingdom

Remember those Main Street Bakery cinnamon rolls that were the size of your head? Those drippy, melty, gooey sweet pastries were the stuff legends are made of, but ever since Starbucks took over, these favorites are no longer gracing the display cases on Main Street. Don’t grab the Kleenex just yet—you can still find these monstrous cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern! And because Gaston’s Tavern typically stays open until the Park closes, you can indulge in one long after the sun leaves the Lake Buena Vista sky. Also available here are roasted pork shanks, hummus and chips, and their signature, one-of-a-kind (and non-alcoholic) beverage, LeFou’s Brew.

6. Toluca Legs Turkey Company, Hollywood Studios

This small, counter-service dining spot can be found on Sunset Boulevard near The Tower of Terror and Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster. The menu is simple, offering Disney’s well-known Turkey Legs and also Pork Shanks. Chips or potato salad will come as a side, making this a perfect stop for a quick eat. They are generally open until the Park closes, and is a great option for breaking free from the masses exiting the Fantasmic theater when it releases. You can satisfy those tummy grumbles and wait out the crowds all at the same time! Win, win!

5. Boardwalk Bakery, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and Villas

We all knew you could get a delicious cupcake or pastry here, but did you know that they also serve items like lobster rolls, roast beef sandwiches and shrimp salads? Yep, both the sweet tooth and the savory tooth can be satisfied here with a plethora of delicious options! The Bakery stays open late too, typically around 11 p.m. With the rave reviews this place receives, you can be rest assured that popping in for a late-night snack or treat will be met with sweet satisfaction. Don’t forget that The Boardwalk is also home to a couple late-night entertainment options, so perhaps BEGINNING your night here would be the way to go!

4. Picabu, Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Resort

Sure, there are many late night dining spots to choose from, but few of them are open 24 hours. Picabu offers pretty much anything you could possibly be craving, from hot items like burgers and lasagna, to cold items like grab-n-go sandwiches and salads. It’s a whimsical “buffeteria,” and it never, ever closes.

3. La Cava De Tequila, Epcot

This lounge is located inside the Mexico Pavilion, serving up 200 tequilas, top-shelf cocktails, Mexican beer and wine and various snacks (“tapas style”). Generally open until Epcot closes (and sometimes later), you can pop into this quaint tavern and enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere, munching on chips and guacamole or shrimp cocktail all the while sipping on a margarita. Currently, the Epcot “After Hours Wind Down Event” which requires a separate admission fee, allows guests to stay long after the regular park guests leave and enjoy food samples from one of four different dining spots. La Cava De Tequila is one of these locations, offering guests various drink samples and small Mexican plates of delicious food. Regardless of whether you participate in the after-hours event or are just a day-guest, this stop is a gem and a must-do!

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2. Food Trucks, Downtown Disney

There are currently 4 food trucks located inside Downtown Disney, offering up fun plates of incredible food to hungry shoppers. Some of the food offerings include dishes like hand-dipped corn dogs, flatbreads, beef sliders and meatball subs just to name a few. They are typically open until Downtown Disney closes, around 11 p.m. The food trucks are titled Fantasy Fare (offering whimsical Disney theme park favorites), Namaste Café (offering tasty dishes exploring flavors of Asia), Superstar Catering (retro, 1930’s themed and offering a touch of Hollywood Studios inspired meals), and World Showcase of Flavors (offering Epcot inspired favorites). Trust us, these trucks are pretty much the answer to your late-night food searching.

1. Resort Food Courts, Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

The hours vary, but all of these quick-service dining locations are open late (around 11 p.m.) and every Disney Resort offers one. Here, guests are able to order or take the food items they want, pay with the cashier, and then sit down and enjoy. Meal offerings and snacks vary, but guests can typically expect to find favorites like burgers, fries, pizza and salads on the menu, as well as a variety of unique dishes and desserts. One location, Gasparilla Island Grill, is open 24-hours and is found at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (and just a boat-ride or monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom). These dining spots are super convenient to the Disney Resort guest and can surprise you with the expedient menu items and yummy flavors.

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