9 Hidden Gems At Downtown Disney/Disney Springs

Downtown Disney/Disney Springs is a great way to get your Disney fix without having to buy a park ticket. There are places to shop, eat, and things to see at this wonderful area on Disney property that you will not want to miss on your next trip, and there’s always room to experience something new!

9. Street Performers

There are performers that pop up all over Downtown Disney throughout the night. Some can be just two people singing with a guitar but I’ve also seen orchestral instruments playing as well.

8. Posing performers

Your kids will love these crazy characters that are set up around the Downtown area. The one that I took a picture with was completely purple and stood still until I turned around to let my husband take a picture and then he started to move and pose. My husband and I thought it was lots of fun; imagine how fun your kids will think it is!

7. Waterside Stage Dance Parties

Across from the World of Disney store is a big stage where you and your family can be lead by a DJ to dance and sing to your favorite kid’s songs. Even if you do not have children and you don’t feel like dancing, have a seat and take in the gorgeous view of the lake behind the stage and watch some of the little ones have a great time with their family.

6. Rainforest Café Bird Presentations

Sometimes cast members can be seen standing outside the restaurant holding exotic birds and talking about their feathered friends. Next time you are in the Downtown Disney area, stop by Rainforest Café and see if cast members will let you in on the schedule for when these birds will come out to play.

5. Basin Store

The Basin Store is full of high-end soaps and lotions. It’s a great place to get gifts for family members year round, but it also doubles as a fun activity. Basin has many different kids of soaps and scrubs to sample. They make your hands feel so soft. Why not stop on by? It’s free!

4. Art of Disney Store Artists

Another great activity for everyone in your group is to stop in at the Art of Disney Store. Even though this store is a treasure within itself, with it’s beautiful and original artwork, you’ll also love watching the artists who set up there on occasion working some Disney magic.

3. Pin Board at Disney Pin Store

This is truly a hidden gem because it is literally hidden. Over at the widely popular Disney Pin Trading Company Store is one of the biggest pin boards on property. It only makes an appearance at a random time once a day, and most cast members don’t even know when it will be open! When it does though, it’s a treat. A big board is opened on the wall and only stays open for about fifteen minutes; so, make sure you catch it if you’re a big pin trader.

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2. Disney Music Playing Through the Speakers

As you stroll through Downtown Disney, stop and listen to the Disney Soundtrack that plays over the speakers. A lot of times in the parks at Disney World the music that is played around you is music that goes along with the theme of the land you’re in. Downtown Disney however (especially in the Market Place area) plays your favorite Disney songs. They play songs from Snow White to Frozen and everything in between. It’s magical and a simple pleasure that always makes me smile.

1. Market Place Co-Op

If you love to shop, please do not pass up this store! Located in the building across from Market Place Snacks is one of the most unique stores on Disney Property. Inside of Market Place Co-Op are several smaller shops with every different merchandise product you can think of. From designer shoes to decorations for your phone or your home, every vender in the store offers so many ways to show your “Disney Side” in a unique way. I bought a mug from a small vender on my last trip that I still show off to people who come over to our house.

I hope as you take your next trip to Disney, you will be able to enjoy these hidden gems in the Downtown Disney area. Get ready for even more hidden gems as the renovations finish up and Disney Springs is in full swing! Got any Downtown Disney hidden gems of your own? Let us know!

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