9 Things We Love About Animal Kingdom’s Asia

Animal Kingdom's Asia Sign
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The Asia section of Animal Kingdom has almost reached its completion as workers put the finishing touches on the seating and set-up for the Rivers of Light show that premieres in less than a month. This addition will add to the overall experience guests will have when visiting this section of the park because there is plenty there that we love – here are the nine things that we love about Asia!

9 – Yak and Yeti – depending on the amount of time you have to dine, Yak and Yeti has two great options for you to choose from. If you need some time out of the sun, you can go inside and sit down and have a wonderful meal from a very diverse menu. If you are a little more pressed for time and want to grab something quick, guests can grab something to eat from Yak and Yeti Local Foods Café and have a selection of items. There is seating located next to and behind the restaurant towards the entrance of Kali River Rapids.

8 – Maharajah Jungle Trek – similar to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, this self-guided walking tour allows guests to see some amazing animals and take their time taking photos and learning about the animals. Guests can see tigers, bats, gibbons, and even a Komodo dragon!

7 – Kali River Rapids – this is the perfect attraction to take a spin on (literally!) when it is hot out. Depending on where you are sitting when your ride vehicle heads down the big drop, you may end getting SOAKED on this ride. We appreciate it when we just get a little wet and can cool down, but we love the ride and not knowing how the vehicle is going to spin around at the end of the ride – we also like taking some time on the pedestrian bridge at the end of the ride to try and spray some of the riders that may have remained a little too dry!

6 – Anandapur Ice Cream Truck – this ice cream truck located on the path as you walk towards Expedition Everest has some great treats for guests to cool off with. Rather than your traditional ice cream sandwiches and other frozen treats, guests can choose to have some delicious soft-serve ice cream, as well as choose from a variety of beverages to cool off with!

5 – Flights of Wonder – we ignored this attraction for a while to our detriment because we always have a great time when we visit and take in this show. We love the corny jokes from Guano Joe as well as seeing all of the birds and learning about their environments and ways to help preserve their habitats. We keep trying to volunteer for one of demonstrations during the show, but we haven’t been successful yet – oh, well, just another reason to visit again!

4 – Jungle Book Characters – across from the entrance to Flights of Wonder is a character interaction experience with King Louie and Baloo from the Jungle Book. We have never gone in for a picture, but from looking at the lines whenever we walk by, it always seems to be a short line and a great way to meet some uncommon characters!

3 – Chakranadi – this atmosphere entertainment experience features performers on the sitar and tabla. We love grabbing something to eat or drink and taking a few moments to enjoy some of the performance and watch other guests as they dance to the music. Be sure to grab a times guide so you know when the performances are starting.

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2 – Thirsty River Bar – this new bar is located in the old FastPass distribution area near Expedition Everest. Guests can grab a variety of adult beverages, as well as snacks and small meals. We haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but looking at the menu and the location, we can’t wait to stop by before our inaugural viewing of the Rivers of Light!

1 – Expedition Everest – the best ride at the park and one of the best coasters on property, Expedition Everest is the destination for any thrillseeker who visits the park. What is not to like about a roller coaster that whips guests around in the dark and backwards as they attempt to elude the Yeti? We can’t wait to see if the rumors are true that once Pandora opens up, if Everest will go down for a refurbishment to fix the Yeti! We can only hope!!

As Animal Kingdom is about to open a new nighttime experience, debut a new experience for one of the popular rides at the park, and open a whole new section of the park, we are forced to look at the park and see what we already love and get excited about what is yet to come! What do you love visiting when in Asia at the Animal Kingdom?

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