9 Ways That Disney Makes Me Despise Reality

We may not always “despise” the real world, but Disney and its movies do have a tendency to bring out the less magical parts of normal life. Here’s what our lives are missing!

9. Random songs are rarely acceptable for anyone over the age of ten. You may make some friends or get some laughs by singing “The Circle of Life” on the sidewalk, but you will still be seen as an oddity. While a child’s need to sing Disney songs will be seen as adorable and understandable, your performance, however excellent it may be, will still be an abnormality. There is only one place where you can really burst into Disney songs without judgment from other people, and that is, of course, Walt Disney World!

8. There are no roller coasters in our daily lives. Can you imagine how much energy you would have if, instead of starting your day with a cup of coffee, you started it with a trip on your favorite Disney ride? Roller coasters let us experience incredible heights and speeds, and being able to enjoy these rides every day would definitely make our lives more interesting—and more fun!

7. Happy endings are not celebrated with musical numbers nearly as much as they should be. Yes, dancing may be allowed when you are excited about something, but no one else ever seems to know the same choreography or the song lyrics, so it’s virtually impossible to create a large-scale performance without any warning. Unless you have the time and the resources to plan a full routine, you must be happy with the occasional solo dance number.

6. Delicious food is harder to find. When you are at Disney World, there are always snacks and meals to be found, and the food is always wonderful. Whatever food you are in the mood for, Disney has it, and this is not always the case in the real world. Where’s a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar when you need one?

5. People are kinder when they’re around anything Disney-related.. Part of Disney’s magic is its ability to bring out people’s best qualities, making them more tolerant, more approachable, and happier overall. It seems safe to say that, if everyone acted like they do at Disney during their everyday lives, there would be far less unhappiness in the world and far more kindness!

4. Friendly woodland creatures don’t flock to us like they do in Disney films. It’s always nice to meet a friendly dog or squirrel as you are going about your day, but after watching a Disney scene featuring a delightful menagerie of snuggly companions, we all want to dance around in the woods while birds and deer frolic around us. Who wouldn’t? Until Disney’s magical woodland dance parties can occur for us, however, we will have to be content with birdsong or the occasional greetings from a neighborhood cat.

3. There is rarely one bad guy for us, and they are usually harder to find than they are in Disney movies. Of course, there are some Disney movies that have less obvious villains (hello, Frozen), but in our lives, enemies can range from the person who cuts you off in the drive-thru line to the boss who assigns you extra work. There are an awful lot of destructive influences and challenges in our lives, and many of them are more difficult to overcome than Disney characters’ obstacles, especially since Disney villains can usually be defeated in one momentous finale.

2. Disney normal is very different from our normal. It is all well and good for Disney characters to wear the same outfits throughout their stories, but we have to think of different outfits, hairdos, and makeup looks almost every day of the week! More often than not, you may find yourself becoming lazy or rushed, and therefore heading towards the trustworthy jeans and sweaters. Disney princesses do the same thing—except their go-to everyday wear is usually a gorgeous dress. Does that seem fair?

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1. Disney characters are nicer than real people. There’s a reason that the previously mentioned animals are attracted to Disney characters. Sure, Belle may have an off day and be a little snippy—but she always makes up for it somehow. In reality, people are far more likely to mistreat one another, and far less likely to repair their mistakes. Prejudice and corruption can be found all over the world, but when Disney characters face these challenges, they always manage to reach a positive conclusion. The next time you watch a Disney movie, notice how the characters respond to problems, and try to emulate their behavior in your life. If everyone did this around the world, who knows how many issues could be solved!

When you’ve just watched a Disney movie or returned from a Disney vacation, the world can seem far less wonderful in comparison. But, by bringing a little Disney into your life every day, you can help change that!

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