How to Annoy a Disney Fanatic in 10 Easy Steps

Rude Guests At Disney
Rude Guests At Disney

I love everything about Disney. The attractions, the hotels, the cast members, the food…it’s all completely magical. There is one variable, though, that is completely out of Disney’s control and has the potential to rain on my proverbial parade: other guests. There is NOTHING I find less magical than a rude, obnoxious guest at Disney. Here is a list of the top tens ways to irritate me (and all of the other Disney Fanatics out there) while I’m vacationing at Disney.

1. Complain about the weather

Yes, sir. I understand that you’re hot. We’re all hot. It’s Florida. It’s the middle of August. Go buy yourself one of those spray bottles with the little fans attached like the rest of us and stop whining. Don’t like the rain? GET A PONCHO! Annoyed that it’s too cold to go swimming? Maybe planning your Disney vacation for January wasn’t the best idea. Complaining about the weather isn’t going to make it cooler/warmer/less rainy.

2. Be Disgusting

Please, by all means, blow your nose into your hand and then clean your hand off in the pool. I love swimming with your mucus. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze? Apparently that’s optional! There is no quicker way to annoy me than to indiscriminately spread your germs all over me and my child.

3. Believe you (or your children) are more important than everyone else (and their children)

Despite the fact that there are no less than 50 little girls waiting patiently for their turn to meet the princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table, you are demanding that each princess come and meet your daughter immediately. In fact, if they don’t come over to your table this very moment you will sue. Sue Disney. Over Cinderella. Don’t be surprised when your child threatens to sue you next time you won’t buy her the toy she wants at Target.

4. Complain about the cost

Yes, a bottle of water costs $2.50. Yes, the souvenir t-shirt is $30. And yes, that character meal for a family of four is going to set you back around $200. Are there more economical places to vacation? Sure, but I find it hard to believe that you booked your hotel reservations and bought park tickets without having some idea of what exactly you were getting yourself into. Disney isn’t cheap, and I don’t want to hear you grumble about it.

5. Insist that rules don’t apply to you or your family

Your child is too short to ride Soarin’. You are now insisting that he be let on, promising that you’ll “hold onto him for the entire ride so he won’t fall out”. You promise? Oh, well in that case, by all means! And please, ignore the “no smoking” signs posted all around the parks. I’m certain your second-hand smoke won’t bother all of the families with infants and children. Disney, like the rest of the world, has rules for a reason. They are to keep us safe and to maintain order. If you don’t like the rules, please do all the rest of us a favor and stay home.

6. Complain about the lines

I love passive-aggressively confronting people complaining about lines. My first question is always “What time did you get here this morning?”. More often than not, the answer is somewhere between 11am and 1pm. Do they have Fastpasses? Nope. Any dining reservations? Nope. Did they do any research before planning a trip and coming to Disney? Nope. More often than not, I’ve found the most frequent offenders of “line complaining” are the unprepared. I then refer them to our article entitled “How NOT to Wait in Lines on Your Disney Vacation: 7 Time-Saving Tips”.

7. Get loud

Things not going your way? Start yelling! I certainly enjoy listening to you loudly misdirect your anger at the hotel concierge because you are dissatisfied with the view from your balcony. Ever hear the expression “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? Calm yourself down and speak to others like they are human beings. Disney is well known for superior customer service and most cast members will work with you to solve any problem IF you maintain some level of civility.

8. Be mean to your children because you didn’t plan well

Your three year old is freaking out because it’s 100 degrees outside, she hasn’t had a nap, and she’s hungry. She obviously didn’t make the decision to come here on her own, and now you’re yelling at her because she’s hot, tired, and has low-blood sugar. I know a lot of adults who would react the same way under those circumstances. What do you expect? I don’t understand why people insist on pushing their children so far past their usual limits and then get upset with them when they are non-compliant.

9. Be Weird

I’m all about individuality. I appreciate the little idiosyncrasies that make each human being unique. I believe we should all march to our own proverbial drum beat. However, when your weirdness starts to affect the well-being of your family or other guests, you really need to tone it down. Case in point: During a recent Disney vacation I was having a lovely “Supercalifragilistic” breakfast at 1900 Park Fare with my family. This is a character dining experience in which Alice, Mary Poppins, and the Mad Hatter visit with each table to sign autographs and take photos. At a table just behind ours was a family of three with a young girl, around 8 or 9 years old. When the Mad Hatter visited the table, her father attempted to take a photo. He then insisted on retaking the photo over and over, shouting at his daughter “Adjust your neck! Adjust your neck!” repeatedly. What does that even mean? The child obviously just wanted to sit down and continue eating. Furthermore, he was holding up the entire character rotation by holding the Mad Hatter at the table for so long. And then something happened that I’ve never witnessed before, or since, in Disney. A character broke “character”! As the Mad Hatter came to our table he was laughing so hard that he had to excuse himself to the kitchen. The Mad Hatter spent the rest our breakfast shouting “Adjust your neck!” to the other costumed cast members. And we spent the rest of breakfast laughing so hard we were crying.

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10. Forget common courtesy

During my last Disney vacation I was riding home on a bus from the Magic Kingdom immediately following the Wishes fireworks show. This is a typical time for a mass exodus, and this night was no exception. There were 5 or 6 mothers with small children (myself included) standing up with our little ones clinging desperately to our legs as the bus jostled their little bodies around. I counted no less than 10 men and 5 women all able-bodied, all between the ages of 20 and 40, who never considered giving up their seats to the mothers with children. Many of them talked and laughed loudly, and several even commented about how happy they were to not have to stand! Seriously? Some frequently forgotten phrases by guests at Disney include please, thank you, and pardon me. Treat others as you want to be treated. Even my first graders have better manners.

Have you ever been annoyed by a fellow guest while vacationing at Disney? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below!

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