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I am a middle school science teacher during the school year and an avid SCUBA diver. I have been a Disney Fanatic since I can remember. I got engaged at the Magic Kingdom. Living the south Florida area and being an annual pass holder, I am able to visit the Disney World parks several times a month. I love going with my friends and family and experiencing the magic together.

Pin Trading – 6 Ways To Get More Bang For Your Buck

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Disney Pin trading started in 1999 and has become a stable at all Disney parks and attractions (including Downtown Disney). Disney pins are fun and unique way for you to show your Disney side! Trading pins with cast members is a great way to have fun interactions with them. Trading pins is also exciting because you never know what special ...

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MagicBands 101: 5 Things You Absolutely Must Know

MagicBands are here and they are one of the coolest things that have happened to the Disney parks in a long time! Disney spent over a billion dollars researching, creating and implementing this new service and it was totally worth it! MagicBands not only look cool but also they will totally transform your Disney experience! 1. MagicBands are available when ...

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10 Reasons You’ll Adore ‘The Seas with Nemo and Friends’

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is an attraction at Walt Disney World’s Epcot that is based on the Pixar film Finding Nemo. Not only does this attraction offer a fun family friendly ride, but you also get the chance to experience a large variety of marine life. Here are the top ten reasons you will adore ‘The Seas with ...

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Disney Dining Reservations 101: 5 Things You Need To Know

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Disney dining is one of the magical parts of a Disney trip. Disney has such an amazing variety of restaurants from the 50’s SciFi Diner to the Be Our Guest Restaurant. In order to make sure you get the most magical dining experience possible, it is best to do a little research and make reservations before your trip. Many of ...

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