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I am a middle school science teacher during the school year and an avid SCUBA diver. I have been a Disney Fanatic since I can remember. I got engaged at the Magic Kingdom. Living the south Florida area and being an annual pass holder, I am able to visit the Disney World parks several times a month. I love going with my friends and family and experiencing the magic together.

6 Secrets People Don’t Know About Adventureland in Magic Kingdom


Adventureland is located to the West of Main Street USA at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Adventureland is unique and has it’s own exotic flair to it. Read below 6 secrets that people don’t know about Adventureland. 6. Melting Pot of Adventure: Adventureland is full of different exotic flairs, whether it is in the architecture, the ride attractions or the ...

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8 Things You Will Love About Disney Springs

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the new and improved Downtown Disney. Once again, Disney has spared no expense in this exciting new expansion. Read below 10 things you will love about Disney Springs. 8. Parking: In the past parking has been a huge headache for trying to get into Downtown Disney. Parking is still free for Disney Springs, but now there is ...

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10 Defining Disney Moments You Can Only Have at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a magical park where you can see live animals, enjoy fantastic shows, and experience exciting rides and attractions. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is different from the other 3 Walt Disney World parks for many reasons, not just for it’s wild side. Read below to find out about 10 defining moments you can only have at Animal Kingdom. ...

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10 Walt Disney Characters You Can Only See At Hollywood Studios

Fantasia Mickey

Hollywood Studios is a classic Walt Disney World Park. The ambience of Hollywood Studios can make you feel like you are on the set of a movie or actually in a movie. One of the reasons is because of the special characters that can be seen around the park! Read below about 10 characters you can only see at Disney’s ...

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5 Amazing Facts about “It’s Tough to be a Bug” in Animal Kingdom

It's Tough To Be A Bug

Animal Kingdom is one the most beautiful parks at Walt Disney World. They have some really wild attractions there; including It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Please read below about 5 amazing facts about this classic Animal Kingdom attraction. 5. History: It’s Tough to be a Bug is an attraction based on the Disney / Pixar film “A Bug’s Life”. ...

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Disney of the Future – 5 Things Walt Disney World Has in Store for Us

Avatar Groundbreaking

Walt Disney World is always improving and expanding to make their areas more magical! There are some major changes happening right now that are scheduled to open in the near future. Please read below to find our top 5 things Walt Disney World has in store for us! 5. Disney Springs: Downtown Disney has now transformed to Disney Springs. This ...

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7 Reasons Why Rafiki’s Planet Watch is One of Animal Kingdom’s Best Kept Secrets

Wildlife Express

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is full of exciting rides, beautiful sites, interesting animals and educational opportunities. Rafiki’s Planet Watch is one of the best-kept secrets of Animal Kingdom. Please read below to find out the top 7 reasons why. 7. Lush foliage: The whole area walking to and once you get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch is full of lush foliage and ...

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5 Secrets Disney Insiders Don’t Want You To Know

Disney Castle

Being a Disney Insider means that you are a pro at visiting the parks and getting the best out of your time and money! Read below 5 of our Disney insider secrets you should know. 5. Best Times to Visit The Parks: The best time to visit the parks varies and can depend on what you want to see. For ...

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8 Chilling Facts about Expedition Everest In Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest _ walt disney world _ disney fanatic

Expedition Everest is one of the most thrilling rides at Walt Disney Word’s Animal Kingdom. Mount Everest is visible from almost anywhere in the park. From outside the park, you can see it standing tall over Animal Kingdom. We hope you enjoy these 8 chilling facts about Expedition Everest! 8. Mountaineer Experience Expedition Everest is a thrilling roller coaster that ...

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7 Things We Love About the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room

Rose Crown Pub

The Rose and Crown Pub and Dining room is located in the United Kingdom section of Epcot’s World Showcase. This traditional English pub is family friendly and a great place for lunch of dinner any day of the week. Read below 7 things we love about this pub! 7. Staff: The majority of the staff of the Rose and Crown ...

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