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Jessica is a mother of one and an elementary school teacher in New Jersey. She enjoys musical theater and loves to cook. Jessica is a Disney Vacation Club member and is perpetually planning her next Disney vacation.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Your Child’s Disney Vacation

So, you’ve planned your very first family vacation to Disney and you can’t wait to experience Disney through the eyes of your children. It’s a wonderful, warm sentiment that many parents share. But some first-time visitors are prone to making some pretty serious missteps when it comes to vacationing with their kids. Here’s a list of 5 things you will ...

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Disney Dining 101 – 10 Things You Need To Know

Fried Chicken

Are you a Disney novice planning your first trip? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the advice you’ve gotten about dining on your Disney vacation? If so, look no further than our Disney Dining 101 article! Here’s everything you need to know in one quick list! 8. THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF DINING EXPERIENCES All Disney dining options are ...

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Disney Dining Reservations 101: 8 Things You Need to Know!

There are many facets of planning your first Disney Vacation that can seem daunting. Where should we stay? When should we travel? What should we pack? What sort of tickets do we need? They are among the questions I’m asked most frequently when helping Disney “novices” plan a trip. But perhaps the MOST concerning aspect of planning a Disney Vacation ...

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How To Do Disney on a $2,200 Budget – Plan #3


This is the final article in a series of three that details a Walt Disney World vacation on a budget. So far, we’ve offered one plan that includes an on-site hotel with a promotional room rate and one plan that includes an off-site hotel. For this plan, we take advantage of Disney’s most popular promotion, Free Disney Dining. For the ...

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How To Do Disney on a $2,200 Budget – Plan #2

This article is the second in a series of three detailing plans for visiting Disney on a budget. Each plan includes a 6-night stay for a family of 4 (2 adults, 1 “junior” over the age of 9, and one child under the age of 9). The first article took advantage of a special room rate being offered by Disney ...

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How To Do Disney on a $2,200 Budget – Plan #1

When I speak with people about a potential Disney vacation, the most commonly cited reason for not visiting Disney is the cost. Many people are highly intimidated by the idea of expending what they perceive to be exorbitant amounts of money on a Disney vacation. Admittedly, a Disney vacation can be costly, but the good news is that it doesn’t ...

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Top 7 Disney Experiences to Have Before Your Kids Get Too Old

There is nothing quite like the experience of taking a wide-eyed, innocent child to a Disney park. For them, everything is full of wonder, and there is magic around every corner. But before long, children start to “question” the magic. My own daughter started to do this when she was about 5, asking things like, “Mommy, are those REALLY princesses ...

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Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Tips: 8 Frosty Beverages

Le Fou's Brew

Snack credits can be used for a variety of beverage choices. Almost all fountain and bottled sodas found in the parks and resorts are available with snack credits, as well as bottled water. But if you’re looking for something a little more interesting to cool you down in the Florida heat, try of the ice-cold refreshments listed below! 10. Iced ...

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13 Disney Attractions That Are Perfect for the School-Aged Crowd!


Once Disney guests are school-aged (between 6 and 10), most are ready and able to partake in some of the parks most beloved attractions. Here is a list of 15 rides your school-aged child should LOVE! We’ve included warnings on any attractions that have any potential “scare” factor, as well as any height restrictions. 13. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (MAGIC ...

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