Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Tips: 10 Sweet Treats You’ll Love

10 Sweet Treats
10 Sweet Treats

The snack credits that are included with your Disney Dining Plan are good for so much more than just popcorn and soda! Are you craving a delectable dessert option? Here is a list of 10 snacks guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. Dole Whip Float @ ALOHA ISLE (Magic Kingdom)

This may be the most highly coveted snack in all of Walt Disney World. This frozen pineapple confection is served floating in pineapple juice. There are entire blogs devoted to the Dole Whip. Do not leave Disney without one! The out-of-pocket cost for this yummy dessert is $4.99.

2. The “Plaza” Ice Cream Sundae @ The PLAZA ICE CREAM PARLOR (Magic Kingdom)

This hot fudge sundae served in a house made waffle bowl is the stuff sweet dreams are made of. With an out of pocket cost of $5.39, you’re really getting your money’s worth here!

3. Chocolate Dipped Banana with Peanuts @ MAIN STREET CONFECTIONERY (Magic Kingdom)

The Main Street Confectionary is the origin of dozens of delicious smells you can detect as you walk into the Magic Kingdom. This particular treat is only one of many that qualify as a snack credit. And since it’s a banana, it’s healthy! Right? Out-of-pocket cost – $4.29

4. Warm Cinnamon Roll @ GASTON’S TAVERN (Magic Kingdom)

When I tell you this cinnamon roll is as big as your head, I’m only exaggerating slightly. We were fortunate enough to visit Gaston’s Tavern during the soft-opening of New Fantasyland in 2011 and my then 4 year old daughter requested a cinnamon roll for breakfast. I didn’t realize at the time that it was enough to feed my daughter, my sister, and me. This snack is big enough to share! Out-of-pocket cost – $3.99

5. Caramel & Chocolate Dipped Strawberry @ KARAMEL KUCHE (Epcot)

You won’t be able to walk past this confectionary shop in Germany without being drawn in by the unbelievable smell of caramel wafting from the strategically opened door. I love this strawberry, but would recommend pretty much anything dipped in their signature caramel. If fact, my daughter’s favorite selection is what she refers to as the “big blob of caramel”. You’ll know it when you see it. Out-of-pocket cost – $4.49

6. Kaki Gori @ KABUKI CAFÉ (Epcot)

This is a traditional Japanese dessert. It’s shaved ice topped with your choice of strawberry, tangerine, or melon fruit syrup. A great choice for a hot and steamy Florida day! Out-of-pocket cost – $3.75


I never met a dessert at this shop in the French Pavilion that I didn’t like, but the Crème Brulee is my favorite. This is a creamy vanilla custard with caramelized sugar on top. Out-of-pocket cost – $4.50

8. Croissant Doughnut @ REFRESHMENT PORT (Epcot)

Ah, the cronut. It was only a matter of time before Disney had their own delicious version of this popular pastry, and this cinnamon sugar coated flakey delight will not disappoint. Out-of-pocket cost – $4.49

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9. Butterfinger Cupcake @ STARRING ROLLS (Hollywood Studios)

If you enjoy a Butterfinger candy bar, you’re going to be a huge fan of this massive, delectable cupcake. Chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge filling is topped with vanilla buttercream and a chocolate fudge shell and then covered with HEAPS of crushed Butterfinger candy. And believe me, it tastes even better than it sounds. Out-of-pocket cost – $5.19

10. Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bar or Ice Cream Sandwich @ Various Locations

There aren’t many snacks that say “Disney” more than a dessert in the shape of Walt’s most recognizable character. Mickey shaped ice cream treats are available at many locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. And let’s face it; ice cream always tastes better when its shaped like Mickey Mouse. Out-of-pocket cost – $3.75

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