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Kara Elizabeth is a lifelong Disney fanatic, and self-proclaimed "Disneyphile." Her parents took her on her first Disney vacation at age 3, and she's never been the same! Her family recently joined the Disney Vacation club, and she's been running in various RunDisney Events since 2015. When she's not dreaming of her next visit to Mickey's house, Kara works as a professional theatre, film, and television actress and screenwriter, splitting her time between Boston and New York. To learn more, you can visit her website:

Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 8: Germany (5 Reasons The Whole Family Will Love It!)

World Showcase - Germany

Guten Tag, and welcome to Germany! Within the boundaries of this pavilion, you will have abundant opportunities to taste incredible food, sip delicious beverages, browse fun and elegant merchandise, and rub elbows with serious Disney royalty. Offering the perfect balance of kid friendly fun, adult approved cuisine, and a healthy dose of Disney magic, here are 5 reasons Germany is ...

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14 Reasons Why RunDisney is the Most Magical Race Series on Earth


RunDisney races are some of the hottest tickets in the running world, often selling out in under an hour. If you’re a runner, a fitness enthusiast, or a Disney Fanatic, it’s likely that someone, at some point, has encouraged you to participate in a Run Disney Event, and I highly encourage you to consider it. I did just that when ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 7: Italy (5 Things that Prove Italy Has it All!)

Word Showcase - Italy

Buongiorno, e benvenuti in Italia! (And for you English speakers, “Hello, and welcome to Italy!”) After a bit of a hiatus, I’m so happy to announce that the World Showcase Tour Series is back in action. And we’re starting back with a bang, in one of my favorite Epcot Pavilions. Italy is known worldwide for its delicious food, incredible wine, ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 6: The American Adventure (5 Hidden Gems)

5 Hidden Gems

Welcome back, Disney Fanatics! We’ve finally reached the midway point on our journey around the World Showcase Lagoon, as we shift our focus to the beautiful American Pavilion. Commonly known as “The American Adventure,” this pavilion, in my opinion, is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated areas in Epcot, which is unfortunate, because it has so many wonderful, exciting, ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 5: Japan 5 Reasons Not to Pass This Pavilion By!


Hisashiburi! (For those of you not fluent in Japanese, that means, “Long time, no see!”) Welcome back to our Epcot World Showcase Tour Series. As we visit our fifth country, we are rapidly approaching the halfway point on our journey together. We’ve made it through Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Morocco, and now we arrive at one of the ...

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10 Classic Must-Have Experiences at Disney

Castle Fireworks

Ask any Disney Fanatic, and there’s no question that every single Walt Disney World visit is special, memorable, and thrilling in its own way, but there’s nothing like experiencing the magic, pixie dust, and mouse ears that are the cornerstones of every visit, for the very first time. After all, you only get to have your first Disney vacation once! ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 4: Morocco 5 Reasons Why It’s the Most Unique Pavilion in Epcot


Salaam Aleikum! (That means ‘hello,” in Moroccan Arabic!) Welcome back to our Epcot World Showcase Tour Series. I hope you’ve been enjoying your trip around the world (or, at least, the World Showcase Lagoon) so far. Today, we’re focusing on what is, in many ways, my absolute favorite, and I believe, the most unique pavilion of all: Morocco! From its ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 3: France – 5 Fun Facts and ‘Must See’ Attractions


Bonjour, my fellow Disney Fanatics, and bienvenue once again to our Epcot World Showcase Tour Series! In case you missed our first two installments, you can go back and read about the unique entertainment, culinary, and cultural offerings of the Canada and United Kingdom Pavilions by clicking on either link, or entering “Epcot World Showcase” into the search bar at ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 2: United Kingdom – 5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss!

Alice in Wonderland

Welcome back to our World Showcase Tour Series! In our first installment, we guided you on a journey through the Canada Pavilion and all of its wonders. (Concerned that you missed it, eh? Not to worry, you can read part one right HERE.) Continuing on around the World Showcase Lagoon, our next stop is the United Kingdom. Much like England, ...

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A Tour of Epcot’s World Showcase, Part 1: Canada – 4 Things You Won’t Want To Miss

Canada - EPCOT's World Showcase

When I was a little girl, I always loved visiting Epcot’s World Showcase, because I felt like I was traveling the world, visiting so many exotic countries in the span of one afternoon. Now that I’m older, the World Showcase remains one of my favorite locations for (wining and) dining, shopping, and taking in wonderfully diverse entertainment acts. I also ...

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