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TK is a writer and editor based in Tampa, FL with a passion for all things Disney, and adventure.

The Real Problem with TRON’s “Larger” Seats

Disney Tron ride seats

Disney World’s latest attraction came under fire before it was even officially open, but I believe people have been focused on the wrong source of the overall problem. The problem is not necessarily Disney’s decision to create a potentially-exclusive ride design. The problem is how they decided to compensate. I mean, look at this thing! Backstory: Server Error? Cast Members ...

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Three Things I’ll NEVER Do At Walt Disney World Again

What not to do at Disney World

As a writer for a site called, I am expected to be able to provide some tips about how you, my dear readers, can attack a Disney vacation like “a professional,” and I like to think that I am able to provide some solid tips on how to be proactive with your vacation time, especially during a Walt Disney ...

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A Rant About Disney World Buses in Less Than 450 Words

Disney World Bus Transportation

If I can help it, I am never going to take a Disney World Bus ever again. During a time in the Walt Disney World Resort’s history where every second of time feels crucial, I can no longer afford to spend the time waiting to use an exhaustingly slow and inefficient mode of Disney World transportation from my Resort Hotel ...

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The Best Walk-Up Dining Spot at Disney World has No Walk-Up List

Walk-up dining Disney Springs

It seems that everywhere you go around the Walt Disney World Resort nowadays, you need a reservation made far in advance. A Disney World dining reservation, a Disney Theme Park Reservation, even a ride reservation in the form of Lightning Lane access. In recent days, the powers that be at Disney World have attempted to make dining more accessible by ...

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Conquering Disney World Merchandise

Disney World Merchandise Tips

Okay, readers, particularly the Gentlemen, it took me almost two decades, but I have finally come to understand not only how crucial shopping for merchandise is for some people at the Walt Disney World Resort and a simple logical process to get it under control, whether you are with your wife, girlfriend, kids or both. It seems overwhelming, right? Every ...

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Spooky! Guests Share Photos of Disney World Drenched in Fog

Disney World in Fog

The Walt Disney World Resort may be over 50 years old, but no two visits arguably ever look the same. Sometimes that change is due to the work of Walt Disney Imagineering. Other times it is due to the weather. The last full week of February 2023 provided such a surprising change for Guests as they awoke the past several ...

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Disney Genie+ Will Finally Be Worth The Money!

Is Disney Genie+ Worth The Money?

Readers, ever since it came into existence, I have been a firm believer that Disney Genie+ is not worth the money it costs Walt Disney World Resort Guests per person per day–especially when it is for something that used to be free: the Disney FastPass System, now Lightning Lane. But I am ready to concede that starting next month, Disney ...

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