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DeSantis Strikes Twice: Signed Bill Could Prohibit ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ at Disney World

DeSantis Disney World

As the news broke that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the legislation terminating Disney’s special district in Central Florida, it should also be mentioned that he signed another bill into law that could potentially put a large part of The Walt Disney Company’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” initiative in jeopardy–at least in Florida. On April 22, surrounded by teachers, parents, and schoolchildren, ...

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FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Terminating Disney World’s Special District

Disney World District

After more than half a century, the legislative borders of Walt’s Magic Kingdom are coming down. On Friday, April 22, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that terminated special state districts created before 1968, most notably including Walt Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. According to the Associated Press, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a ...

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Video: Guest Skips Seat Belt, Hits Ceiling in Free Fall on Tower of Terror

Tower Of Terror

Over its 50+ year tenure, The Walt Disney World Resort has continued to improve its implementation and enforcement of Guest safety onboard its attractions. One such example of the evolution can be found on Splash Mountain, as simple handlebars were eventually replaced with an adjustable lap bar. Still, it appears that some Guests still find a way around the safety ...

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Flying to Disney? ‘Mask Violators’ Taken Off No-Fly List

Flying to Disney

It is finally over. Face coverings are no longer required to fly commercial in the United States of America. And as unblocked smiles return to the skies, it appears that those travelers punished for protesting the persisting mandates are able to fly once again. According to Spectrum News, airlines will be removing “mask violators” from their no-fly list. From Delta ...

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Speculation: Were ‘Little Green Men’ too ‘Problematic’ for Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’?

Little Green Men Buzz Lightyear Movie

As fans get one more day and one more trailer closer to the release of Pixar Animation Studios’ latest animated feature film, Lightyear, this reporter has one question: Where are the Little Green Men (LGMs)? While they were initially introduced in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story as prize-grabber toys from Pizza Planet and supposedly completely separate from Buzz Lightyear’s backstory, Disney and Pixar would ...

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New Buzz Lightyear Trailer Reveals Tragic Story Detail

Buzz Lightyear trailer

On April 21, Disney and Pixar released the latest trailer for its highly-anticipated animated feature film Lightyear, and with it, a major plot point was shared that gives the movie a much darker and sadder undertone. Pitched as the origin story for one of Pixar Animation Studios’ most iconic characters, Lightyear tells the story of the legendary Space Ranger that inspired the ...

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Tinker Bell Meet and Greet Still Closed as Pixie is Labeled ‘Problematic’

Tinker Bell

Published – 4/20/22 Updated – 5/3/22 Updated – 5/17/22 There are times when things happen in apparent synchronization, and one cannot help but wonder if it were a case of unfortunate coincidence or if one thing really caused the other. This time, it involves the fan-favorite Neverland Pixie, Tinker Bell. Here is the list of events observed by this reporter: ...

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Florida Senate Votes to Terminate Disney World Special District

Disney World District

On Wednesday, April 20, Florida’s State Senate voted to bring the Reedy Creek Improvement District to an end. Put forward by Florida lawmakers in the State Senate and House of Representatives, a bill named or similar to HB3C put forth by Representative Randy Fine would essentially repeal the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967 and bring The Walt Disney Company‘s ...

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