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Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Real-Life ‘Turning Red’ Moment

Lunar Eclipse

On May 15, people around the world–including those visiting The Walt Disney World Resort–will get the chance to witness a total lunar eclipse and the “Super Flower Blood Moon” that comes with it. According to, The event, known as a lunar eclipse, will see the full Flower Moon temporarily turn red overnight on Sunday (May 15) and Monday (May ...

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Tweet Suggests Elon Musk Supports Ending Disney’s Mickey Mouse Copyright

Mickey Mouse Copyright

It appears that SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is in favor of the current push by politicians to end The Walt Disney Company’s extended copyright over Mickey Mouse and other classic characters. Last week, we at Disney Fanatic shared the news that Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. is introducing legislation regarding copyright duration that would end the special protections placed ...

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Lack of Communication Leaves Disney Resort Guests ‘Terrified’

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Two women staying at a suite in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge were left terrified after finding two strange men in the dining room. Reddit user u/GeneralInformation82 shared the following: I heard talking in the foyer/dinning room. I came out in a robe to find two unknown men in our suite. They were not in uniform or carrying equipment. About this time ...

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Disney Park Pass Update: EPCOT Booked for ‘Guardians’ Opening

Disney World Park Passes

It is Friday the 13th, Fanatics! But it looks like there is still some luck left for those looking to make a last-minute visit to The Walt Disney World Resort this weekend! According to the Disney World Park Pass Reservation Calendar, there are still passes left for two Parks this weekend for Theme Park Ticket Holders and Select Resort Hotel ...

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Three Things Every Disney World Guest Secretly Wants to Steal

Disney World

Readers, don’t lie: at one point or another, you have seen something at or near the Walt Disney World Theme Parks, and the temptation to knick it entered your mind. It happens to all of us. We reach a point where we look down and ask ourselves, What would happen if I tried to take this?  To be clear, I ...

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Iconic Imagineer Shares Thoughts on New ‘Guardians’ Roller Coaster

Guardians Ride Disney World

Veteran Walt Disney Imagineer (now retired) Joe Rohde has left a lasting legacy at The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. Originally hired to work on the creation of EPCOT, Rohde was the creative lead for the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is viewed by many as one of the top opinions on Disney Theme Parks and attractions. ...

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Fan-Favorite Disney Park Transportation Finally Returning!

Disneyland Trolley

After being shuttered for several years, Disney Parks is finally bringing back its beloved in-Park transportation system: The Red Car Trolley at Disney California Adventure. Installed with the rest of Buena Vista Street, the Red Car Trolley took Disneyland Guests to and from a station near the Theme Park Entrance and the Hollywood Tower Hotel. A scaled model version of ...

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‘Doctor Strange’ Actress Found Guilty of Child Sex Offenses

Marvel Actor Child Abuse

Zara Phythian, an actress who worked alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel’s feature film Doctor Strange has been found guilty of grooming and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl with her husband Victor Marke. According to BBC, Phythian, who is 37, was found guilty of 14 sexual offences at Nottingham Crown Court while her husband, who is 59, was found guilty of 18…The ...

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Five Years Ago: We Said Goodbye to ‘Wishes’

Wishes, Disney World

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight: I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight. Just make a wish and do as dreamers do, and all your wishes will come true.  Who still remembers “Wishes”? The beloved “Goodnight Kiss” that capped off the day at Magic Kingdom for years came to an ...

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