Best Chocolate Treats on Walt Disney World Property

The Ganachery
Credit: Disney

Chocolate is a fan favorite flavor to many people, throughout countless cultures around the world. From puddings to pies, candies to cakes, cookies to ice cream creations, the vast ranging formats in which this savory, satisfying substance is served up know no limits. Therefore, it goes without saying that the happiest place on Earth would offer myriad options for dishing out what are, hands down, some of the most delightfully delicious chocolate-based options ever dreamed up. Here are just 20 examples from an infinite list of the best chocolate treats you can indulge in while on World Disney World Resort property.

20. Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar

A pretty obvious first choice, these iconic ice cream treats have been a longtime Disney Parks classic. This self-proclaimed “happiest snack on Earth” by Disney is comprised of Mickey Mouse-shaped vanilla ice cream-contained goodness, with a chocolate hard-shell coating encasing it. And because it’s so popular, you can find it just about anywhere on Walt Disney World Resort property, including parks, resorts, and other Disney-related venues, such as Disney Springs.

Mickey Bar
Mickey Ice Cream Bar

19. Chocolate Mickey Tart

The Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar isn’t the only product sporting that familiar mouse shape. There are innumerable snacks and sweet treats all throughout Walt Disney World that feature the Mickey Mouse likeness, along with the likenesses of other loveable classic characters. But in keeping with all things chocolate, we couldn’t pass on mentioning the famed Chocolate Mickey Tart over at Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion. This is not your everyday tart. Its consistency has been compared to that of a mousse-textured chocolate biscuit though still its own unique concoction that can’t be equated to either one. And the smattered blue and white sprinkles gives it an extra savory crunchy layer on top of that!

18. Mickey Dark Chocolate With Chili Pepper

Another unique Mickey-shaped rendering you can find over at Zuri’s Sweets Shopin Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park contains a chocolate combination you may not normally expect, but one that has proven to entice tasters, time and time again. For as the name implies, these exclusive Mickey Mouse-shaped house-made dark chocolates actually contain chili pepper! It gives the rich chocolate that extra kick with an ingenious combination that out performs your usual chocolate refinements.

17. Crêpe with Chocolate

 Whether ordered for breakfast, as an anytime treat, or in the form of a dessert as a sweet sendoff, the goodness of a crepe is undeniable. That’s what’s cooking over at Crepes de Chefs de France in EPCOT’s France Pavilion, which is pretty obvious given its name. What’s more, chocolate lovers rejoice, for they offer a fabulous Crêpe with Chocolate menu option you won’t want to miss. And if you’re hankering for ice cream (chocolate ice cream in particular) you can also order crepes with that here as well.

Crepes de Chefs de France (Credit: Disney)

16. Mousse au Chocolat/Duo au Chocolate

If you’re more of a mousse fan then you’ve got to head over to Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, which is also located in the France Pavilion in EPCOT. Here you can order their decadently rich Mousse au Chocolat—a concoction sure to make your mouth water. But if you’re looking to up the chocolate mousse lavishness even further then consider their novel Duo au Chocolat—a combination white and dark chocolate mousse cake house exclusive.

15. Plant-based Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse

Vegan lovers of chocolate have plenty to rejoice about with this sweet treat, which can be found over at Sunshine Seasons Food Court in EPCOT’s Land Pavilion. Not your typical cookies and cream rendition with chocolate cookie wafer crumbles mixed into a vanilla cream consistency, this mousse presents an entirely chocolate on chocolate experience, which stands on its own just fine without the addition of milk or other dairy inclusions. It is a rich chocolate mousse blend with chocolate cookie crumble bits in the middle and then a sprinkling on the top throughout.  

14. African Triple Chocolate Mousse

Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort (Kidani Village) you’ll find Sanaa—a restaurant famous for dishing out delectable eats. So it goes without saying that they offer stellar dessert options as well, one of which is a chocolate lovers’ fantasy cubed—their house specialty African Triple Chocolate Mousse. This blend consists of Nyangbo dark chocolate from Ghana, paired with Tanariva milk chocolate from Madagascar, and balanced with Orelys blond chocolate, chocolate almond biscuit, and a garnishment of strawberries.

Photo Credit: Kingdom Cuisine

13. South American Chocolate Ganache

While cultures throughout the world have both embraced and personally developed their own chocolate presentations, you can’t beat the purist sources—particularly those of the Americas where chocolate cultivation first originated. That is perhaps what makes the dessert offering of South American Chocolate Ganache on the menu at Tiffins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park so unique. It’s a small and simple presentation of rich, refined dark chocolate featuring a caramelized banana with cocoa nib tuile. But beyond all that, the decadence in chocolate flavor is beyond all compare—pure epicurean cultivation at its finest yet in many ways most simplistic.

12. House-Made Sci-Fi Candy Bar

Take the enjoyment of having a candy bar to the next level with this house specialty you can only find at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant over at Hollywood Studios. And no, you don’t need to unwrap it, for this clever confection comes served up on a plate packed with a consistency of cookies and cream mousse, crispy crunchy pearls, a cakelike base and a drenching chocolate ganache coating to hold together the overall foundation of the candy bar. 

11. Hand-Crafted Chocolates

In getting back to the goodness of chocolate ganache and in continuation of in-house chocolate bars and other clever concoctions, our next recommendation for any chocoholic is to visit the Ganachery at Disney Springs. Here they have an expansive array of hand-crafted chocolate offerings, covering everything from chocolate squares, chocolate bars, fruit, caramel, sea salt, and other contained fillings and garnishments, and even wine and chocolate pairings.

Credit: Disney

10. Chocolate Pudding Cake

Whether you’re a fan of chocolate pudding or you’re more of a chocolate cake lover, this delightful concoction offered over at Yak and Yeti Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park combines the very best of both. It lives up to its name for being a chocolate pudding cake, and one that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds of any diehard chocolate fan, nevertheless. Paired with a delectable raspberry sauce, the rich compilation of flavor offers a meticulous balance beyond all compare.

9. Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake

There’s something sweet to entice the chocolate-crazed company over at Disney’s Riviera Resort. It’s the Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake you can get when you dine at the resort’s resident rooftop signature dining venue—Topolino’s Terrace. Served warm, as its name suggests, this decadent chocolatey morsel achieves an even greater level of perfection by its companion accompaniments, which include a caramel center, Chantilly, and raspberries.

8. Flourless Chocolate Cake

When we think of Italian food, what comes to mind most often is the presentation of hearty helpings, plenty of different pasta dishes, and other classic comforts. Admittedly, offerings known to be “gluten free” are rarely grouped in the same category as “Italian food.” But that isn’t the case at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano in Hollywood Studios. In fact, they offer a whole host of special allergy-friendly menu exclusives and revised takes on beloved traditions. And one of their most esteemed gluten free dessert features takes the concept of chocolate cake to new heights, delivering on rich, refined chocolate decadence minus wheat (and other gluten). It’s none other than their house specialty Flourless Chocolate Cake, which comes dished up as a creamy chocolate cake, drizzled with chocolate sauce, and garnished with whipped cream.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (Credit: Disney)

7. Allergy-Friendly Brownie à la Mode

While not comprised entirely of chocolate, the chocolate elements in the featured Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake over at Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park do carry a dominance sure to draw the cravings and the attention of any chocolate crazed fan. But there’s something even more chocolate-based offered on their allergy-friendly menu as well—The Allergy-Friendly Brownie à la Mode. This concocted confection omits the gluten but retains the rich chocolate goodness of a warm baked brownie, topped off with ice cream nevertheless.

6. Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie

Chocolate connoisseurs and chocolate-crazed fans alike will agree that among the many indulgent delights to be found over at Karamell-Küche in EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion this battered beauty is the one most often raved about. Of course, being a German bakery, there are plenty of other palatable pleasers for the sweet-obsessed public as well, but this compilation of a decadent brownie and drowning drizzles of Werther’s Original Caramel overtop of sea salt knows no equal, except maybe for the German Chocolate Chip Cookie they also offer here….

5. Warm Brownie Sundae

Brownies can do just fine on their own but when paired with an ice cream component and fashioned into a crave-worthy sundae they have the potential to be even more tantalizing to the taste buds. That’s the effect you can expect at Tamu Tamu Refreshments over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park when you order their featured Warm Brownie Sundae. The warm baked batter blended with creamy, refreshing ice cream and caramel drizzle does wonders in satisfying any sweet treat-crazed fantasy.

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4. Chocolate Ice Cream Martini

We’ve run into several places throughout Disney World and Disney Springs that turn out their own crafted version of that elusive chocolate martini you may have heard about. But the chocolate ice cream martinis at L’Artisan des Glaces in EPCOT’s France are among the very best. The Ice Cream Martini listing on the menu really can be customized to any ice cream flavor you desire. But if you’re the ultimate chocolate fan you can really go all out with two scoops of that good stuff (or even two different chocolate renditions if you really want to party), a shot of Grand Marnier, and whipped cream vodka or rum.

3. Frozen Hot Chocolate

We’re hard-pressed to single out the best chocolate embellishment to be found at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop over at Disney Springs. Chocolate is what they’re all about, after all, so finding satisfaction for a chocoholic here is fairly easy. One unique item we’d like to zoom in on, however, is their signature Frozen Hot Chocolate. A refreshing spin on their traditional, scrumptious hot chocolate beverages, this “cooler” version is comprised of that world famous Ghirardelli hot chocolate cocoa mix everyone loves, blended with ice, milk, a garnishment of whipped cream and a sprinkling of Ghirardelli’s own mini dark chocolate chips.

2. Chocolate Extinction

This delectable signature dessert being dished up over at T-Rex Café in Disney Springs is one that any ultimate chocolate fan would die for, or at least go extinct over. Here you have an enormous portion of fudge cake paired alongside a plentiful helping of ice cream, whipped cream drizzled with chocolate fudge and caramel sauce, and then a smattering of Butterfinger crumbles. Do take note, something this gargantuan is meant to be shared, and this dessert in particular is intended to serve up to four people on average.

Credit: Disney

1. Chocolate Lover’s Kitchen Sink

No doubt you’ve heard about the classic Kitchen Sink Sundae, but did you know you can order a chocolate lover’s version of it over at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort? Different from the traditional Kitchen Sink Sundae, in the fact that the ice cream component is chocolate as are the derivative toppings a chocolate nature, all the other elements that make the Kitchen Sink so scrumptious are still a part of the overall composition. Here you get a massively crafted concoction consisting of chocolate ice cream, paired with cookies and cream vanilla, brownie and candy bar bits, Oreo pieces, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, and a whole lot more, including that notorious whole can of whipped cream all Kitchen Sink Sundaes proudly boast. Again, this decadent dessert’s intended to be shared amongst four people or so, in this case all chocolate lovers.

Here we’ve profiled 20 delightfully delectable dessert suggestions of the chocolatey kind. However, the actual list of praiseworthy suggestions is way more profuse. And with new menu options forever being added to menus all over Disney World, it’s safe to say that the possibilities for soothing the chocoholics on location are infinite. So to reiterate everything we’ve mentioned, it’s time to satisfy that sweet tooth and savor the happiest flavor in the world while at the happiest place on Earth.

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