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Welcome to all things EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida!

‘Finding Nemo’ Character Lashes Out After Guest’s Offensive Comment

marlin, dory, crush, and squirt from finding nemo

These days, Walt Disney World Resort Guests and Disneyland Resort Guests are behaving more and more abominably — and that’s putting it lightly! With Disney Park Guests’ behavior being so bad that it’s actually worthy of a documentary, we have already understandably seen several Disney Cast Members or Disney performers start to lash out at said Guests. Oftentimes, Cast Members’ ...

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Another Disney Park Engagement Ruined by Loud Guest

Disney Proposal Ruined

For many Disney fans, there is no Park moment that is more magical than an official PhotoPass pic in an iconic Disneyland or Walt Disney World location, let alone a proposal. But, unfortunately, some people seem to want to ruin it. Related: Woman Walks Away Embarrassed by Fiancé After Repeated Proposals at Disney World Granted, Disney Parks are crowded and ...

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Mickey and Minnie Appear After Yet Another Costume Change

mickey and minnie in their disney100 costumes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are typically associated with the red, black, and white color schemes from their classic costumes — and polka dots are also an additional Minnie Mouse specialty. In recent years, however, Disney has been changing the two Disney mice costumes for special occasions more and more drastically (and as we saw from this recent Mulan snafu ...

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‘Turning Red’ Boy Band Makes Surprise Appearance In Epcot

turning red 4*town boy band appearing in epcot for first time

Nothing distracts a runner quite as well as a good playlist — especially if that playlist is being sung, in person, by their favorite boy band! During this year’s Walt Disney World Resort runDisney Springtime Surprise weekend, EPCOT runners (i.e. runners who were running in the Disney Pixar Monsters 10K) were treated to a special surprise that not only combined ...

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PHOTOS: EPCOT ‘Harmonious’ Barges Get Demolished

EPCOT Fireworks

It’s finally happening! The barges are coming down, and those Disney fans who loathed the very sight of them sitting in World Showcase Lagoon can now revel in the sight of their demise. Aerial photographs shared on Twitter by @bioreconstruct show the demolishing process underway “backstage.” The half-oval projectors have been stripped and separated from the core of the firework-launching ...

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Advocacy Groups Say Florida Poses Risk to “Health, Safety, and Freedom”

Florida travel advisory

In just over one year, Florida has quickly become one of the most controversial states in the country. A six-week abortion ban was just signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis. The state also passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, which critics feel targets and discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community. Then, there is the huge fight between Governor DeSantis ...

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EPCOT’s Evolution Will ‘Never Be Complete’

EPCOT's continual evolution

For the past few years, EPCOT has been in a constant state of construction. Unlike Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, EPCOT is undergoing a drastic change from the original Park that opened in 1982. Future World is no more, to be replaced by three distinct lands: World Nature, World Discovery, and World Celebration. Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering ...

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