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From Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Paris and everything in between! Here’s the latest information on the beloved Disney Parks.

How You Can Get Your Hands on Disney’s SNICKERS Macaron!

Disneyland Food & Wine Festival

In just a few days, one of Disneyland Resort’s most popular events will return — the Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure Park. The DCA Food & Wine Festival will feature a dozen food booths, all offering unique food options, along with specialty drinks. The drinks will be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, making the Festival perfect for both ...

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“Disney Punk” Explains Bizarre Reason For Disneyland Restriction

disney punk tiktoker with disneyland castle

These days, it’s common to hear complaints from Disney Park Guests about crowds waiting in long lines for rides, misbehaving people in the Disney theme parks, and Walt Disney Company policies overall. These complaints tend to be recent issues — but sometimes, an “OG” Disney visitor from decades past pops up to shed some light on Guests’ complaints from years ...

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The Absolute WORST Part of Disney Genie+

Disney Genie

Back in 2020, while both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort were closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney announced that it would be ending the incredibly popular FastPass program, which had been a staple at the Parks for two decades. In its place, Disney would be introducing a paid system — Disney Genie+. The move was a controversial ...

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Disney Guest Called Out for Insane Camera Set Up, Shushing Kids

Disney Park Vlogger Hushes Kids

Influencers and streamers, in general, already have a bad reputation among Disney fans and Park Guests, but it appears that a new negative posterchild for the social media users has emerged. Related: Disney Park Bans Vlogging, Streaming Capabilities–Fans Rejoice! One part of every Disney Park day where regular Guests are likely to crash with the smartphone-happy vloggers is during the ...

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“The Company Has Gone Crazy”: Fan Organizes Protest at Disney Park

disneyland protest splash mountain

Disney fans are certainly a passionate community. Between showing up in droves to experience their favorite upcoming ride or attraction or even to express their love for a ride that is currently undergoing a major retheme—yes, we’re talking about Splash Mountain—Disney fans are committed to everything Disney. But is it possible fans can take that too far? One Disney fan who ...

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Disney Instituting Notable Changes for Resort Hotel Guests

disneyland resort hotel guests

The Walt Disney Company has been doing a massive clean-up and reorganization recently. The Mouse House has been making a few notable operational and leadership changes, starting with the ousting of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek in November of 2022, to most recently, the announcement of the 7000-person layoffs the company will see. However, it’s becoming apparent that these aren’t ...

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Sign of Big Change to Come? Iconic Disney World Attraction Might Get Complete Facelift

retheme rock roller coaster

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to some of the best entertainment offerings for Guests who want to enjoy that quintessential Disney vacation. Whichever Disney Park Guests might choose to go to visit, from attractions like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to ones like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Disney Fanatics have the widest array of attractions ...

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The Definitive Guide to Getting Unbanned from Disney World

How to Get Unbanned From Disney

So you’ve been banned for life from Walt Disney World, eh? What did you do? Perhaps you got drunk and tried climbing the Mexico Pavilion pyramid?  Was it a fight in the parking lot? Just a few minutes on social media could have you thinking that have been a lot of people getting banned lately. It sure seemed like a ...

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Bringing Your Loved One’s Ashes to Disney World is a Terrible Idea

Don't Bring Ashes to Disney

We need to talk about death. I know. Not exactly the subject you want to discuss when thinking about the Most Magical Place On Earth. It’s the one mystery in life that you never want to solve. Each of us deals with it in our way based on our own beliefs. But bringing your loved one’s ashes to Disney World ...

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