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Influencer Actually Shares an Important, Overlooked Tip for Disney Park

Disney Influencers

It seems that influencers’ reputations in Disney Parks are only getting worse, especially as many go to measures that disrupt their fellow Guests, harass Cast Members and break key rules that often result in them getting removed from the Parks. But apparently, at least one Disney content creator on Instagram still knows what people need to know when they are ...

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Disney Guest Causes Fire, Ride Shuts Down

disney ride shut down

In the latest Disney Park news, a Disney Guest accidentally set their ride vehicle on fire, causing the ride to shut down. Ride shutdown stories abound in the world of the Disney Parks. There have been incidents that we’ve reported on where the reason for the shutdown took many fans by surprise, and yet others when the repeated closure of ...

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Influencer Causes Scene In Disney World Restaurant

space 220 with red x

It will be no surprise to many Walt Disney World Resort Guests or Disneyland Resort Guests to hear that social media influencers (such as TikTokers) have been irritating, inconveniencing, or sometimes downright harassing other people (including Disney staff like Cast Members) while filming content in the Disney Parks. Granted, there have been plenty of other Disney Guests who are not ...

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Where You Can See Br’er Rabbit in the Magic Kingdom!

Br'er Rabbit Splash Mountain

It seems hard to believe, but after 30 years as a Magic Kingdom staple, Splash Mountain officially closed on January 23, 2023. The day before it closed, the line rarely got below three hours, with some people even snagging water from the ride to sell on sites like eBay. The decision by Disney to change Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou ...

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Disney Drops New Details About Tiana’s Bayou Adventure!

Tiana's Bayou Adventure concept art/Courtesy of Disney

Back in 2020 — while Disney Parks were closed because of COVID — Disney shocked and upset Guests when they announced that one of the most iconic rides in both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park would be closing. Splash Mountain, Disney said, would be shutting down for an extended time to receive a Princess and the Frog retheme. After three years ...

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“Diet Starts Today”: Disney Fans Appear Unsympathetic of TRON Ride Size Situation

Disney World Tron Ride Size

The first night of Walt Disney World’s Cast Member Previews of TRON: Lightcycle/Run has finally come and gone, but an ugly “server error” has been discovered by the users. Several Cast Members reported that the standard motorcycle-shaped Lightcycle ride vehicle could not accommodate them. They had to wait to use the limited larger-capacity roller coaster seats, and the line for ...

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Server Error? Cast Members Complain TRON is Least Inclusive Ride at Disney World

Disney World Tron Ride Size

After seven years, TRON: Lightcycle/Run has finally begun welcoming its first “users” onto the grid, with Walt Disney World Cast Members flooding into Tomorrowland for their exclusive previews. However, there appears to be a server error on the grid. A significant number of Cast Members are reporting that they are too big to fit onto the standard Lightcycle ride seating, ...

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Disney Surprises Fans With Unexpected Disney100 Products


Since the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebrations are coming to a close, many Disney fans might feel like they already know what to expect when it comes to the merchandise, souvenirs, apparel, and commemorative memorabilia that accompany a Disney Park or Disney Resort anniversary. However, for the 100th anniversary of Disneyland that is beginning as the Disney World ...

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PHOTO: Guest Vents About Inconsiderate Behavior at Disney World

animal kingdom bad behavior

A Disney World Guest recently shared a PSA for visitors to be more considerate of fellow Park-goers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort is undoubtedly one of the best ways to have that quintessential Disney experience. Any Disney Park at either Resort is home to myriad rides, attractions, and entertainment offerings that ...

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Rude Guests Climbs Onto Disney Float During Parade

Getting Unbanned from Disney

When you visit a Disney Resort, there are so many amazing things to do to have a truly magical vacation — from incredible attractions to delicious food, great hotels, fun shopping, and more. Disney Resorts truly feel like another world, but it is important to remember that they are in the real world. Real people work at a real place ...

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