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From Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Paris and everything in between! Here’s the latest information on the beloved Disney Parks.

Come On Jeopardy, That’s Your Walt Disney Trivia Question?

Jeopardy's Walt Disney trivia question

Everyone knows that there’s a proper way to watch Jeopardy at home. When you know the answer, you shout it out in a loud, confident voice. When you don’t know the answer, you mumble something incoherent under your breath so it appears you said the answer, and you can still pretend you know everything. But every Disney fan yelled the ...

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The History of Disney’s Space Mountain Accidents

Space Mountain Accidents

The entertainment giant, The Walt Disney Company, offers the theme park mecca for all things fun, exciting, and magical. With Disney keeping safety as the utmost priority with its numerous attractions, it seems like the iconic Space Mountain attraction is one that often draws “accident” attention. Space Mountain Attractions Credit: Disney RELATED: Mysterious Change Hints at Space Mountain’s Closure Space ...

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A Fifth Theme Park Could End Disney’s War with DeSantis

Fifth Disney theme park in the works

When Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced at the earnings call last week that Disney planned on spending $17 billion and adding 13,000 new jobs, the internet was on fire with possible rumors about what could be coming soon. But now, Iger’s vision for the next decade could be coming into more precise focus. A recent article from Caroline ...

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SNL Takes Aim at Ron DeSantis With Gay Jafar

Gay Jafar Ron DeSantis

Things are still heating up in the battle between controversial Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company. If you haven’t been keeping a close watch, here’s a recap. Last year, Florida passed its Parental Rights in Education bill — also called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Then-CEO Bob Chapek denounced the bill and said Disney would fight it. ...

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TikToker Bashed For Ridiculous Complaints About Disney

TikToker Won't Visit Disney World again

A lot of people know that there is a lot that goes into planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. Especially those who have gone on one before. Thankfully, the more you visit Disney, the easier it can become to book a trip. You learn the ins and outs, where you like to eat, what attractions you like to experience, ...

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Guest Reports Alarming Symptoms After Disney Water Park Visit

family enjoying blizzard beach

Travel always comes with risks, as do most experiences or activities in life, but some trips are more hazardous than others — and being in the oftentimes-enormous crowds in Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or the international Disney Parks can certainly come with its own hazards! One of these hazards is, of course, illness — and some Disney Guests ...

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The Greatest Ride That No Longer Exists at Walt Disney World

Disney's best ride that isn't there anymore

Disney fans can be fickle. We always want the latest and newest stuff when we visit the Parks, but then we lament that a great attraction was removed to make room for our latest toy. It’s the irony of being a Disney fan: we want the shiny, new toy, but we don’t want to give anything up to get it. ...

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Disney Princess Bestows Magic On Guests During Heartwarming ‘Fail’

snow white smiles at guests who have dropped a phone in her wishing well

Disneyland is known for being a classic Disney location filled with Disney magic — but sometimes that “Disney magic” comes in unexpected forms, as one Disneybounding duo discovered the hard way! While visiting Disneyland Resort in California — and being clad in Disneybounding costumes that convincingly represented Peter Pan and Wendy — two Disneyland Guests were in for a watery ...

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Disney’s Magic Keys Set to Go on Sale Once Again!

believe imagine pass magic keys

In March 2020, The Walt Disney Company was forced to shut down all of its theme parks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This included Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. In January 2021, Disney emailed thousands of Annual Passholders, letting them know the program they loved so much was ending. Disney did say that a new Annual Pass Program was coming, ...

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