Disney CEO Is Unnerved By Disturbing Questions About His Age

Disney CEO Bob Iger is certainly a hot topic among Disney fans these days — although he may still not be quite as passionately debated as former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was — and the Walt Disney Company leader recently made some particularly controversial statements about the ongoing WGA writers’ strike that has put Disney projects like Moana and Lilo & Stitch on hold.

These statements, and others, came from Iger’s recent Squawaaqk Box interview with David Farber from CNBC.

Farber Fixates on Iger’s Mortality

However, one bizarre portion of the conversation between David Farber and Bob Iger was overshadowed by Iger’s other remarks.

Farber fixated on Iger’s age, and headed down a thought-provoking path that seemed to disturb the Disney CEO!

Bob Iger looking serious

Credit: Loren Javier, Flickr

“Your Window’s Closing on Life”

One of the biggest bombshells that recently came from Disney CEO Bob Iger was his contract extension, extending his position as Walt Disney Company CEO until 2026 when it was originally meant to end in 2024.

Here at Disney Fanatic, we had previously shared theories about Iger’s contract extension, and those theories were apparently accurate — but Farber used the extension to highlight Iger’s age!

“Your window’s closing on life,” Farber commented in the interview. “You’re gonna be 75, almost 76 when you wrap this up now. I mean, you always look great,” Farber quickly added, “But do you really want to continue to do this?”

100 Years With Disney?

Disney leader Bob Iger seemed to brush past Farber’s point, but was unable to completely avoid the topic of his age when Farber highlighted something particularly significant: the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company is happening now, and Iger has been part of the company for almost half of those 100 years!

Bob Iger in his office

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Iger seemed shaken by Farber’s revelation, admitting that he “never thought of it that way” and adding a nervous “oh, dear.”

Iger did confirm that he is still “happy” working for Disney, because “through all the challenges, when you go to work every day and you’re working for the Walt Disney Company, what could be bad” — but realizing that you’ve spent almost 50 years working for a company could understandably shake anyone up!

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