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Decorate Mickey Cupcakes From Home With These Tips from Disney Chefs

Credit: Disney

We love a good Disney recipe! It’s National Cupcake Day, and in honor of this sweet, sweet social media celebration, the Disney Parks Blog shared a recipe for baking and decorating your very own Mickey Mouse cupcakes right from home! The recipe was inspired by a wish a child recently made through Make-A-Wish to bake cupcakes with Minnie Mouse herself, so in honor of the 145,000 wishes the Walt Disney Company has granted around the world, here is the recipe for a Mickey cupcake created by Chef Magaly from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort, and of course, Chef Minnie.

Credit: Disney

To start, you will need whatever flavor cupcakes you like (homemade or boxed cake mix works! Bake the cupcakes and let them cool before you get started), red icing, pastry bags, star pastry bag tip (optional, but it helps!), round cookies of your choice to make Mickey ears, small round yellow candies for Mickey’s buttons (M&Ms should do the trick!), and napkins (maybe some extras if you are a messy baker.) You could also use your favorite cupcake liner to dress these up even more, or add cream cheese or a filling of your choice.

Credit: Disney

Now, follow these directions courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog:

  • First, fill up the piping bag with red buttercream icing, followed by placing the pastry tip inside and carefully cutting the tip of the bag off.
  • Then, fill the bag with red icing and get ready to begin decorating.
  • To decorate, start by icing one “ring” of buttercream icing on the cupcake.
  • Then, place two yellow “buttons” in the front of the cupcake.
  • Almost there! Use the icing bag to add 2-3 rounds of red icing on top.
  • Finally, stick two round cookies on the top of the icing to make Mickey’s ears

For more decorating tips, watch this video featuring Chef Minnie and Chef Magaly:

Be sure to always use caution handling sharp objects and hot objects, and supervise little ones in the kitchen.

These decorating tips are so much more fun than simply adding a Mickey Mouse cupcake topper, and you could always add sprinkles or powdered sugar to make your cupcake more unique. Whether you make a chocolate cupcake or a vanilla cupcake, or top it off with something totally different like marshmallow fluff, it is sure to be delicious and full of Disney magic! Now you have your very own Mickey Mouse cupcake. Enjoy!

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