Disney Absolutes – 10 Things You Must Do On Every Trip

There are certain things that are “must do’s” on every Walt Disney World vacation. These are things that can’t be missed to ensure that your Disney trip will be complete. They are automatic for those of us who have been multiple times, but for the newbies I have compiled a list of a few. Here are my top 10 things you must do on every trip.

10. Ride the classic attractions

Walt Disney World and Disneyland are known around the world for their classic attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World, Space Mountain, and many others. A must do on every Disney vacation has to be riding the classics. They truly never get old, but get better and better each and every time. I even notice new things every time I ride these timeless attractions that truly have the essence of Walt throughout.

9. Eat, eat, and eat

Even if you’re on a strict diet, when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation it’s time to let loose and cheat a little bit. There are some of the most unique and wonderfully themed restaurants in the world and some of the best food you’ll find anywhere even down to the food carts. This is no time to deny yourself these delectable goodies so eat up and just work out extra hard when you get home!

8. Watch one of the many parades

Walt Disney World is home to some of the most talented professional performers. A majority of them perform in many of the parades throughout the parks. Each parade is so unique and amazing that it’s a must do at least once per vacation.

7. Catch one of the evening shows

The evening shows at Walt Disney World could easily be a separate ticket price. They are so entertaining, breathtaking, and emotional. I think we have all cried a little or a lot while watching the fireworks exploding over Cinderella’s castle or when Walt Disney is projected on the castle during Wishes. This is definitely a must do and especially on your last day at WDW!

6. Ride the ferry to the Magic Kingdom

There are many different types of transportation at Walt Disney World: The Monorail, the extensive bus system, all the different boats and ferries. The ferry from the Ticket and Transportation center is a must do on every trip. It’s such a nostalgic trip across bay lake and so relaxing. Even if you only get one trip on it during your vacation it’s worth doing.

5. Ride the Monorail

Walt Disney World’s monorail system is one of the most widely used monorail systems in the world. This is not only because it’s a form of transportation at the resort, but it is definitely a must do attraction as well. Hearing “Por favor mantengase alegado de las puertas” never gets old!

4. Meet a Disney character

Meeting a Disney character at one of the parks is such a wonderful experience and is a definite must do. It’s a little tricker today than it was when I was going as a youth. Back then it seemed like there were no actual meet and greet areas and the characters would be walking around or merely posted up near an attraction. Due to the increased popularity of WDW and newer technology it definitely seems more organized. Because of this, it can truly be something you plan for on your Disney vacation and you can even get a fast pass for certain characters.

3. See the “One man’s dream” exhibit in Hollywood Studios

One mans dream is a beautiful tribute to Walt Disney and his dream of creating what today is one of the most recognized and respected brands in all the world. This exhibit is full of some amazing artifacts from Walt’s past including his 2nd grade school desk. This is a must do for any Disney fan and anyone who wants to learn a little more about the man behind the mouse.

2. Get a picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella’s castle is a staple of Walt Disney World. Who doesn’t get a little teary eyed whenever you round that corner on Main Street and see that iconic structure? It is the definition of a wonderful Disney vacation and getting that picture in front of it is a must do. Plus when you post that pic on social media you’ll always get the “I’M SO JEALOUS!” comments; it never fails.

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1. Close down the Magic Kingdom

I can remember how awesome it was on the last day of our family WDW vacation and we would be determined to close down the Magic Kingdom. It didn’t matter how late it was or how tired we were. There was nothing like strolling down Main Street, in the wee hours of the morning when all the other guests have exited and realizing that you are one of the last ones around. This was always a moment when I would stop and reflect on how much fun I had on that particular vacation and how I couldn’t wait to come back. It is such a peaceful serene moment that should be experienced on every trip.

Each and every Disney fan has their own individual ‘must do’s” for every Walt Disney World vacation. These were my suggestions and what I feel make Walt Disney World so amazing. It’s incredible that one place can allow all of us to create our own memories and our own traditions that will last a lifetime! Enjoy!

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