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‘Disney Adults’ Getting Dragged Into a Culture War They Didn’t Ask For

Disney adults dragged into Disney/DeSantis feud
Disney Adults. Credit: Disney

Disney World is meant to be an escape. You go there for a week and forget about the real world. Anything that happens outside of that Disney bubble isn’t important. Until you have to leave, the real world comes crashing down on you, and that’s when you start planning your next trip back to Disney.

Disney Adults characters

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But now, life inside that Disney bubble has gotten complicated. The feud between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company has drawn politics into Disney and divided the entire Disney Adult community.

Discussing Walt Disney World or Disney movies used to be apolitical, but with Governor DeSantis running for President, he has accused Disney of “grooming” and “sexualizing” children. For his part, Disney CEO Bob Iger has called those claims “preposterous and inaccurate.” But with the claims out there, people are starting to look at Disney Adults differently.

Disney Adults

Credit: Disney

One fan told the Huffington Post:

That’s the whole reason you go to Disney, is to escape that kind of stuff. That was one of the nice things: You could just go there and enjoy the fantasy. Why should you be thinking that I’m a Republican or a Democrat because of the fact that we like to go to the happiest place on earth with our children? That’s what this created, and that should have never been allowed to happen.

Disney online communities used to discuss new rides at Magic Kingdom or the Festival at EPCOT, but now they have devolved into political fights with just one mention of Florida Gov Ron DeSantis or Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The chaos that has ensued has broken through the fantasy and escapism that Disney helped to create and is starting to ruin the experience for some Disney adults.
If the feud has been detrimental to either side is hard to tell. Disney is experiencing a slump at its Parks this summer, but tourism is down across Florida and at Disney’s rival Universal Studios. Gov DeSantis is struggling to gain a foothold in the Republican Presidential primary and is trailing former president Donald Trump by nearly 30 points in most polls.
Disney Adults

Disney Adults / Credit: Disney

Disney fans have nothing to do with passing legislation, parental rights, or Florida law, but somehow they have been dragging into this fight. They just want to go to Disney World and not worry about who the governor of Florida is.

But as Disney and DeSantis’ board continue to fight over government retaliation and a special district in Federal Court, it doesn’t seem like this is going away anytime soon for Disney adults. Each person will have to decide for themselves how to handle this culture war.

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