Disney After Dark – 7 Things You Must Do At Hollywood Studios After Sunset

Hollywood Studios has one of the best ambiances of the entire Walt Disney World property. When you step into this 1940s inspired park, you enter a world that you didn’t know you wanted to see but you’re so glad you did. Everything comes alive at night, and we love to enjoy all the park has to offer after sunset. Here are some things we know you’ll love after the sun goes down at Hollywood Studios.

7. Walking Down Hollywood Blvd at Night

Now that the sun has gone down, you’ll get to appreciate the true glamour that is old idealistic Hollywood. Stroll down the bustling street and look left and right at famous shops and entertainment pieces directly inspired by Hollywood. Grab some ice cream from Hollywood Scoops and continue along until you see the glorious sight of the Chinese Theatre. When it’s lit up at night, you can’t help but stand and smile at it.

6. First Comes The Chills…

We usually recommend getting a FastPass for this attraction but at night we do make an exception. Tower of Terror has one of the most well thought out and well themed queues in all of WDW. When you step through the standby queue, you’re greeted with the grounds of a hotel that has been untouched for years. Trees and plants are overgrown and a mist sweeps through as you walk through. You feel as if you’ve gotten lost in a real abandoned hotel. Once you make it to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, you’re engulfed in the story that is the long forgotten hotel. At night, all of these elements are heightened and you can really immerse yourself.

5. …Second Comes The Thrills (And A View That Will Hold Time Still)

We know you’ll love this, we mean really love it. Tower of Terror is already arguably one of the best attractions Walt Disney World has to offer, but at night? We get chills just thinking about it. As you zoom your way to the top, the doors open and you can see the entire park aglow. During Star Wars weekends, if you time it just right you can see fireworks from the Star Wars festivities right as the door opens at the top. It’s a perfect combination of magical and spooky.

4. Some “Fantasmic” Imagination, Huh?

This show gets us every time. I mean, we might admit we have tears in our eyes by the time the show is over. If you haven’t seen Fantasmic, the next time you’re in WDW we recommend it’d be on the top of your list. This show isn’t just a firework spectacle. There are live action characters, water elements (you’ll see what we mean when you watch it), and plenty of amazing pyrotechnics; it all centers around Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and all of the crazy heroes and villains he encounters. Bonus tip: If you have a little princess who is in love with Pocahontas, this is the best place to see her perform in the parks.

Bonus Tip!

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3. Taking Advantage of Extra Magic Hours

Every park offers Extra Magic Hours on different dates. These schedules are easy to find. If you take advantage of late night hours in Hollywood Studios, we know you won’t regret it, even if you do lose a few hours of sleep. When you use extra magic hours the crowds inevitably get thinner. There are a few attractions in Hollywood Studios that almost always have long lines. When you stay late and use extra magic hours, all of these attractions have shorter lines allowing you and your family to repeat all your favorite rides as much as you want.

2. “How About Some Backstage Passes?”

Here’s a Fanatic secret we’ll let you in on. During the first Fantasmic show of the night, many of the park guests flock to see it. This is a great opportunity for you and your family. My husband and I are able to do a hop between TOT and Rockin’ Roller Coaster during this time. Both lines are very short and we find ourselves jumping back and forth to each attraction with ease and getting our thrill rides on. Makes you feel VIP! If your kids have been dying to get back to some fun games with Woody and Friends this is a great time to head over to Toy Story Midway Mania as well. Even if it’s not a night with Extra Magic Hours, this is your way to wait in shorter lines if you stay after the sun goes down.

1. Sitting Outside At The Brown Derby Lounge

There’s something to be said about a clear warm night in Florida (which is a lot of the year). If the weather is agreeable, go and take a seat is this outdoor eating venue and take in all the amazing sights. Located right off of Hollywood Blvd., this sweet little eatery has smaller menu options plus many drink options. Grab a specialty drink or a glass of wine, sit and people watch, and enjoy a Florida night. It’s a perfect time and place for some R&R. Click here to view the complete menu for the Brown Derby.

We love Hollywood Studios, and we love it even more at night. Is there anything you and your family can’t miss at night? Let us know in the comments below!

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