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Disney Brawl Started Because of Fight Over Photo Spot

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On May 16, a disturbing video began making the rounds on social media. The video showed a large group of people — all wearing matching t-shirts — attacking a smaller group of Guests. The fight took place right in front of the train station at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park. Their rage seemed to be directed at one man, who was thrown on the ground and repeatedly punched by one of the men in the larger group. One of the worst parts of the video was that, as the fight raged on, a young boy watched from the sidelines. One of the women in the fight also held a toddler in her arms.

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Nearly everyone who saw the video was completely shocked by what they were seeing. Even though it was not the first time that a fight had been filmed at The Most Magical Place on Earth, it was still upsetting to see. When the fight was first shared on social media, it was unknown what caused the argument in the first place. However, we are now learning that the brutal assault began over a photo spot.

As many who visit the Magic Kingdom know, a great spot for a photo is right after you enter through the turnstiles and walk in front of the Walt Disney World Railroad station. Disney PhotoPass photographers typically stand there, ready to capture the moment for your family. That is where the fight occurred.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, one family was posing for a photo, when another family asked them to move, so they could take a photo. This question apparently led to one member of the first party throwing a punch. Per FOX35, a local Orlando news station:

Apparently one family was standing in front of the sign, where another family wanted to take a photo. That family asked the other family to move – and one family member then punched another member of the other family in the face.

Then an all-out fight ensued.

At least one person was treated medically at the scene following the fight, but that person did not want to press charges. Two others were removed from the theme park, Orange County deputies said.

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Credit: Disney

At this time, Disney has not commented on the abhorrent fight. However, it is a near certainty that at least some members of the instigating party will be receiving trespass notices from Disney. That means that they are banned from visiting any and all Disney theme parks. Due to the brutal nature of the ban, it will most likely be a lifetime one.

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