Disney CEO Doubles Down on Company’s New Three Guiding Pilars

Disney CEO Bob Chapek
Credit: Disney

During the 2022 Q1 earnings call on February 9, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke optimistically about the company’s future, exclaiming that he has “great confidence that we will continue to define entertainment for the next one hundred years.”

Chapek went on to explain,

“To carry through on that promise, we will be guided by three strategic pillars: Storytelling Excellence, Innovation, and Audience Focus.”

Disney Storytelling Excellence


Credit: Disney


“Storytelling Excellence is, of course, dependent on having excellent storytellers. I am thrilled to share that our legacy of being home to the most accomplished leaders in the industry will continue as nearly all of our top creative executives have recently renewed, extended or signed new contracts. I could not be more excited to continue working with these creative powerhouses.” — Bob Chapek

Disney fans should expect more of the same type of storytelling quality from Disney as almost all of the current leaders in storytelling are sticking around. Of course, after the success of films like Luca, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Encanto. Who can blame them for keeping things the way they are?

Disney Innovation

Genie+ Lightning Lane

Credit: Disney

“Over the last several years we’ve transformed the Guest experience by investing in new storytelling, and groundbreaking technology, and the records at our domestic Parks are the direct result of this investment… At the same time, we’re giving Guests new tools to personalize their visits, and spent less time in line and more time having fun.” –CEO Bob Chapek

Disney’s CEO made it clear that the company will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, specifically regarding its professional sports businesses, Guest Park Experience, and the Metaverse.

Chapek mentioned that systems like person-less check-ins at hotels and the Genie+ and Lightning Lane services had been a huge hit with their guests. And in talking about the Metaverse, the CEO asked who could do it better than Disney?

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Disney’s Audience Focus

Disney+ bundle

Credit: Disney

“Audiences will be our ‘North Star’ as we determine how our content is distributed and we do not subscribe to the belief that theatrical distribution is the only way to build a Disney franchise.” – CEO Bob Chapek

The main takeaway from Chapek’s section on Audience focus is that audience engagement will be the determining factor on what goes straight to streaming and what goes to Disney+. Chapek cited the theatrical success of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the streaming success of Encanto to prove his point.

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