Disney Guests Feel Stifled After Loss of Essential Amenity

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It’s no secret that The Walt Disney Company hasn’t been in the best financial state in the past few years, so it comes as no surprise to hear that Disney guests are complaining about the worsening quality of the company’s theme parks…

In a conversation on the website Reddit, several Walt Disney World Resort guests began complaining about the Disney parks’ changes in temperature. Since Walt Disney World Resort and its Disney parks are set in Florida, the theme parks can obviously become uncomfortably hot (especially in the summer).

Disney On Fire

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However, guests are now reporting uncomfortable levels of heat within Disney attractions even now, in the winter! “I live in South FL and have been to WDW 20+ times. On my past few trips, it seems that the inside areas of many attractions are very hot and stuffy,” one Reddit user and frequent Disney guest wrote.

Areas that were previously a nice A/C break are hot with very little air circulation,” they added. “Examples are the Carrousel of Progress and Spaceship Earth. It wasn’t always like this and I’m wondering if anyone else notices.”

Carousel of Progress

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We just wrapped up a 5 day trip yesterday and we noticed the AC wasn’t blasting like it normally is,” another Disney guest replied, adding to the number of customer complaints in the conversation. “Generally it feels like they’re trying to cool down the state of Florida.”

Some guests pointed out that this could be in an effort to be more eco-friendly, pointing out that “blasting air conditioning in the summer to make the air 20+ degrees colder than the outside air takes a lot of energy” and “it’s definitely more sustainable to keep the AC at slightly warmer temps.”

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is considered to be a highlight among the many attractions in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom. Credit: Disney

However, other Disney fans were skeptical and felt that Disney was just trying to save money at the expense of its guests, not trying to help blunt the increasingly harmful effects of climate change. “Setting the temperature to 75 instead of 73 property wide could be saving them millions,” one Disney guest wrote.

Disney would only lower energy use to save money or for PR. There is literally no other reason,” another person and disillusioned Disney fan wrote.

Have you noticed uncomfortably high temperatures while visiting the indoor attractions in Disney parks lately? Do you think that Disney might be decreasing its use of air conditioning in an effort to conserve energy and be “more sustainable”, or do you think that saving money is the only goal of The Walt Disney Company in this case? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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