Disney Digest: Your Insider’s Guide to the Marquee Attractions At Walt Disney World – Volume One

Space Mountain

3. Ride

Unfortunately, for astronauts 44” and under, there is a ‘No-Fly Rule’.  The lift hill is one of the most sensory enhancing experiences in all of Disney.  Rocket passengers are bombarded with neon blue lights, lasers, and sounds as you head up a half cylinder shaped chute before getting blasted into outer space.  You can take a peek over your shoulder and see others guests taking their journey as well on the alternate track.  Loud cosmic themed sounds blare through massive speakers while lights and stars twinkle as you soar past them at close to 30 MPH.  Mike Brassell wrote the soundtrack for Space Mountain, which floods the galaxy soundwaves while guests are soaring through the pitch black.  The final wormhole which space travelers are jettisoned through may bring a tear to your eye due to the speed!  Guests then arrive back to earth safe and sound where they can view their Photo Pass picture once returning to base.  Photo credit YouTube


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