Disney Enchanted Jewelry Launches First Luxury Collection Inspired by Disney Princesses

Disney Enchanted Jewelry is a favorite among Disney fans for its gorgeous pieces inspired by favorite Disney characters covering a variety of price points. The first luxury line by Disney Enchanted Jewelry is here to up the game with a full collection of Disney Princess-inspired fine jewelry pieces in the Chateau Collection.

The new collection features unique pieces of jewelry with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings inspired by Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Moana, Tiana, and Mulan, with items priced from about $2,000-18,000, making these more luxury or investment pieces for sure compared to other Disney Enchanted Jewelry items for yourself or the Disney lover in your life. Let’s take a look at some of the details:

Credit: Disney Enchanted Jewelry

Ariel is always a popular character with Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, and her pieces in the new collection use a classic seashell motif encompassed in modern designs with top-notch jewels and metals like amethyst and rose gold.

Credit: Disney Enchanted Jewelry

The Belle-inspired pieces take their design cues from the classic enchanted rose seen in Beauty and the Beast (1991). Within many of the rose pieces are yellow citrine stones to pick up some of the colors of Belle’s iconic ball gown. (Some of these pieces would also be stunning with the new Belle collection of wedding dresses!)

Credit: Disney Enchanted Jewelry

The collection inspired by Cinderella takes some of the most memorable motifs in the classic Disney princess story and adds them to breathtaking jewelry pieces, with designs featuring Cinderella’s coach and blue topaz stones to match Cinderella’s gown.

Credit: Disney Enchanted Jewelry

Golden pyrite and blue lapis give off some serious ocean vibes in the Moana collection, with some items, especially the necklaces reminiscent of Moana’s own “heart of Te Fiti” necklace seen in the Walt Disney Animation Studios film.

Credit: Disney Enchanted Jewelry

The jewelry in the Mulan collection uses gorgeous hand-carved rhodolite to create the look of plumb blossom flowers, with other pieces in the collection inspired by the fireworks seen in the film.

Credit: Disney Enchanted Jewelry

Lilies and green amethyst make up the Tiana collection, with water lily-designed rings and bangles making up some of the top pieces in this collection.

Of course, with other Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry lines including more princesses, like Queen Elsa, Princess Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, and others, along with general motifs like castle or tiara pieces, it is possible that we will see more designs in the future.

The Chateau Collection is only available for a limited time, with each item coming with a certificate of authenticity, exclusive packaging, concierge service, and the number indicating the item’s limited edition status. You can shop the full collection, and find Disney Enchanted Jewelry engagement rings, and more, all inspired by favorite Disney characters at

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