Disney Embraces ‘TRON’ Aesthetic With Futuristic New Snack Kiosk

strawberry dessert pork broccoli dumplings and watermelon drink from energy bytes

According to the Disney Parks Blog, yet another big change is coming to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney World is capitalizing on the hype around the new Tron roller coaster by opening a new Tomorrowland eatery called Energy Bytes! This kiosk will focus on small food and beverage options for busy Magic Kingdom visitors, but will also feature a wide range of offerings including desserts, breakfast foods, savory treats, and drinks.

Disney World Tron Ride Review

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

Energy Bytes will (of course) offer the coffee-lovers’ Disney staple: Joffrey‚Äôs Cold Brew Coffee, this time with a special mocha addition. Anyone with a sweet tooth will be pleased about the Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes on offer, too.

If you’re enjoying the Magic Kingdom but feeling hungry in the afternoon — or if you’re a rebel who ignores rules about what constitutes “breakfast food” – then you’ll want to try the buffalo-flavored Digital Dumplings, which top off chicken dumplings with blue cheese and cayenne for an extra kick.

chicken and pork dumplings from Energy Bytes

Chicken and pork dumplings from Energy Bytes. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

A beef and broccoli version of these Digital Dumplings will also be coming into play! Broccoli pesto provides the vegetable element, and “ginger-soy broth” adds even more to the dish.

Anyone longing for a quick source of sugar will want to opt for the Energy Bytes Strawberry IceOform, which combines “strawberry ice cream mochi, graham crackers, and even a little bit of cheesecake foam”. We can expect a lot of Disney influencers’ Instagram photos to include these attractive desserts!

The strawberry cheesecake dessert from Energy Bytes

The strawberry cheesecake dessert from Energy Bytes in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you’re lagging around the 3 p.m. mark (despite the Disney magic), then you’ll want the Watermelon Refresher. This frozen drink combines watermelon with yuzu and ginger for a beverage that wakes you up while also treating you to some fun flavor combinations!

The opening date and additional details regarding Energy Bytes have not been announced yet, but Disney Fanatic will keep a close eye on this topic for Walt Disney World Resort enthusiasts!

Do you enjoy the futuristic aesthetic in Tomorrowland, particularly since TRON: Lightcycle / Run is around now?

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