Disney Parks – The ‘Perfect’ Training Grounds for Service Dogs

Service Dogs Disneyland
Credit: The Independent

On Saturday, April 9, thousands of dogs descended on Disneyland Park for a very special day in their very important training to become certified service dogs and therapy dogs.

According to KTLA,

“Multiple organizations that train service dogs took the pups to Disneyland for a special training session… Guide Dogs America was one of the organizations bringing the dogs to Disneyland. The goal was to help the future service dogs gain experience with public transportation and make sure the dogs are comfortable among crowds and the public.”

The Happiest Place On Earth is not just a special location. It is a prime location for training as it exhibits a number of the things service dogs will be tasked with helping their disabled human companion through, including dense crowds, navigating public transportation, and loud noises.

Service God meets Pluto

Credit: The Independent

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And Disney Parks are very accommodating for properly trained and certified service dogs, allowing them in their Theme Parks, shopping, and dining districts like Downtown Disney in Anaheim and Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, as well as even some of the rides and attractions.

But it was not all work with no play–they were at Disneyland, after all! The pups got a chance to cut loose and have some special character meet and greets with Winnie the Pooh, Chip ‘n Dale, and–of course–Mickey’s dog Pluto.

Check out this compilation from The Independent: 

Labradors (American and English), Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Poodles, Boxers, Border Collies, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Portuguese Water Dogs are some of the preferred breeds for service animal jobs, but any breed that can meet the requirements and do the work can earn the title.

If you and your family are planning your first visit to The Disneyland Resort or The Walt Disney World Resort with a service dog, we strongly advise you consult with Disney Guests Services to gain full transparency of what to expect.

Service Dog Visits Disneyland

Credit: The Independent

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