‘Disney Princess Style’ Has Your Guide For Hosting Holiday Parties

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Disney knows a thing or two when it comes to both preparation for and celebration of the holidays, and Disney’s Instagram account ‘Disney Princess Style’ has declared that “it’s the season for holiday entertaining”! As part of the “Twelve Days of Disney Princess” Sweepstakes, @disneyprincessstyle paired up with blogger and Youtuber Brianna Traynor to reveal the ideal Disney-inspired gifts that will allow you to “enchant your guests with hosting goodies straight out of a fairytale.”

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The first key to a good holiday party is typically good decorations and good food. While Disney already has things covered on the holiday decorations front, delicious Disney-inspired food can be tricky, so Brianna and @disneyprincessstyle recommended the Disney Princess: Healthy Treats Cookbook for holiday hosts! While Disney princess meals might sound like they’ll be recipes that are simple and sweet, the offerings in this cookbook look like they’ll actually be surprisingly impressive, unique meals. For example, there’s “Pocahontas Wild Rice Stuffed Squash”, “Mulan Tea Eggs”, “Tiana Pecan Praline Bars”, and even “Merida Cranachan”! If you want to introduce your family to exotic, healthy, and varied cuisine, then this recipe book is definitely the tool to help you do it.

Disney Princess 4-Piece 18 oz. Stemless Wine Glass Set


The next highlighted items during the ‘hosting’ day of the sweepstakes were these Disney princess stemless wine glasses. The princesses featured are Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle! Belle’s cup has her picture, as well as the saying “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover”, while Snow White’s glass has her likeness and the motto “Dare to Dream”. Ariel’s glass has her image and says “The Girl That Has Everything”, while Cinderella’s cup shows her in her ballgown and says “Live in the Moment”! These wine glasses can be found on Wayfair.

The big finale was the Beauty and the Beast serving stone, which could also be classified as a charcuterie board. “Marble and acacia wood” make up the serving stone, according to the website where it’s sold, and its rose detailing means that it would be a perfect choice for anyone who wants a more understated Disney princess theme for their holiday party.


Picnic Time™ Disney® Beauty and the Beast Marble Serving Stone. View a larger version of this product image.

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If you’ve got a love for Disney and a holiday event to host, then cute Disney princess items like the wine glasses above, a refined serving board for luxurious cheese spreads, and several tables full of mind-blowingly flavorful cuisine are all that you’ll need to pull off hosting the event of the season!

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