Disney Princess Style Has Unveiled Self-Care Gift Ideas Fit For Princesses

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The “Twelve Days of Disney Princess” Sweepstakes has just begun, and the Instagram account DisneyPrincessStyle is partnering with PixieandMagic, a Disney-loving digital creator, to present the perfect Disney princess gift ideas along the way! On the first of the twelve days in the sweepstakes, the theme was self-care and wellness. PixieandMagic (whose real name is Ashley) took to her Instagram to share the Disney princess goodies that Disney had sent her!

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First up was the Mad Beauty Disney Princesses Face Mask Booklet. This charming sheet-mask pack contains four sheet masks: one “is” Ariel, one represents Aurora, one “is” Jasmine, and one represents Belle. The Ariel mask is supposedly cucumber, the Aurora mask is lavender, the Jasmine mask is green tea, and the Belle mask is rosewater. All four ingredients are known for their skin-calming capacity, and each sheet mask is a different color to go with its Disney princess as well!

Sheet masks are typically cotton masks soaked in essences that contain ingredients like the aforementioned ones; by leaving the mask on until it’s almost dry, the ingredients are better absorbed into skin, since there’s a barrier to keep them from evaporating too much. Sheet masks have been decreasing in popularity since they’re single-use and oftentimes wasteful, so there are some compostable ones to try in this article if you’d like a more eco-friendly version!  Getting glowy and helping to minimize waste while doing it is definitely something that a Disney princess would support.

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While you’re applying your skincare products or some eco-conscious sheet masks, you’ll want to be wearing something comfortable–and DisneyPrincessStyle sent PixieandMagic the Cinderella Women’s Robe for that! This Barefoot Dreams robe is “adorned with a crown emblem on the front and “Happily Ever After” detail on [the] back.” It’s definitely a good look for Disney princess fans!

Credit: Barefoot Dreams

Credit: Barefoot Dreams

The next product in the Disney Princess self-care part of the sweepstakes was actually a book. The new retelling of Cinderella called “If the Shoe Fits” has gotten a lot of attention for its modern take on Cinderella’s story–and although it has its flaws, it’s a nice fluffy read if you’re in the mood for one. A good accompaniment to face masks and an entertaining read will be the next item, which was the Disney Princess X POPSUGAR Belle Chenille Throw and Eye Mask! This Belle-inspired pairing includes a cute eye mask that says “booked for the weekend” (get it?) and a soft indigo blanket.

If the Shoe Fits (Meant to Be, #1)

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Candles will be the perfect finishing touch for you or for anyone you’re shopping for (as long as they’re someone who loves Disney princesses and self-care, that is!). The candle highlighted during the sweepstakes was the Princess Tiana candle (which has a whipped vanilla coconut rose scent), but there’s also Moana, Ariel, and Belle candles to choose from. The Moana candle is Caribbean starfruit-scented, the Belle one is berry rose, and the Ariel one is sea salt, lime, and basil.

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Do you know anyone who would like these items for a Disney princess winter, or are you going to treat yourself to some?

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