Is This New Cinderella Retelling Worth Reading?

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There are already lots of Disney retellings in the world of literature (and some of them are actually Disney-sanctioned, like the Twisted Tale series and the Queen’s Council series), but romance novels never seem to stop getting inspiration from the Disney fairy tales or Disney princess stories! The newest Disney or fairy tale retelling to hit the modern romantic comedy shelves is “If the Shoe Fits”. This book is a romantic comedy by Julie Murphy, and it’s the first installment in the Meant to Be series (which will all be fairy tale retellings, in modern settings and with slightly updated situations).

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If the Shoe Fits (Meant to Be, #1)

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In this book, “Cindy” is an aspiring shoe designer. She has two stepsisters who serve as parodies of the Instagram influencers or Youtubers of today, an evil stepmother who is actually the opposite of wicked, and a strong focus on footwear. As far as Cinderella’s troubled past goes, this book doesn’t really have one aside from the loss of Cindy’s father years ago. There’s no abusive home situation, and no one is really banning Cinderella from attention at the big ball. Instead, her stepmother and stepsisters encourage her to take center stage, find love, and dazzle onlookers while being part of a reality TV show.

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This book has some interesting takes on reality television and the unfair situations that a plus-size woman would encounter on a TV show, but it’s also got the glamorous situations and the I’m-a-girl-out-of-my-element-in-this-romance tone that will sound a bit too familiar for most rom-com readers. Overall, this book is fluff with just a little bit of substance; there are too many unnecessary side characters and the Prince Charming is slightly underdeveloped (partly by default, because readers don’t get to meet him much). However, it can still be an entertaining read, much like how Amazon Prime’s new Cinderella movie (starring Camila Cabello, shown below) can be an entertaining film to watch! Just don’t take either too seriously, and prepare to refresh with a classic Cinderella story or movie afterwards. After all, a fluffy story can still be fun!


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