Disney Ride Mayhem! Guest Accused of Stealing As He Climbs Out of Vehicle

guest small world boat
Credit: Main Street Magic TikTok

Each Disney ride begins with the same mantra:

“Please keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times.”

Many Disney fans can recite this line by heart, as it is the safety message played before every ride leaves the loading area. Disney’s top priority is guest and cast member safety, so they want to emphasize that message.

Even tame rides can become dangerous if guests don’t follow the rules—someone even claimed that a guest lost fingers on Pirates of the Caribbean when they put their hands in the water.

pirates of the caribbean attraction

Credit: Steven Beyer, Unsplash

One of the most tame rides at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park is “it’s a small world”, located in Fantasyland.

The attraction takes guests of all ages on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Guests see animatronic dolls from around the world singing a song about unity.

It is also one of Disney’s most iconic rides, with different versions also located in Disneyland Park, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Credit: Steven Miller, Flickr

On such a gentle ride, guests may think that there is no potential danger and ignore the safety rules. We have seen people dip their hands and feet in the water as they ride through the attraction. However, it is one guest’s actions that are currently going viral on social media.

TikToker Main Street Magic (@mainstreetmagic1971) shared a video of a man leaning all the way out of an “it’s a small world” boat. He is so far out that he is leaning over the metal track that the boat goes on before guests disembark.

The TikToker was shocked and warned guests not to do that on any ride at any Disney Park — or any theme park in general.


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A debate quickly broke out about what exactly the man was doing. Some commenters said that it looked like the man had dropped his phone in the water.

He was leaning over the boat to try to retrieve it. But that led many to wonder how his phone had gotten so far away from the ride vehicle if he had accidentally dropped it in the water.

He’s grabbing a phone , but he should have alerted the workers to stop ride and get phone

wheelchair doll small world ride

Credit: Disney

Many others thought that the man was taking change out of the water. All over Walt Disney World Resort, guests will throw change into the water, onto rock formations, or onto decorations in line.

On a regular basis, Disney cast members will retrieve that money and then donate all of it to charity. TikTokers were shocked that the man would go to such extreme lengths to get his hand on change meant for charities.

Officer. Yeah, the human lemon right there. That’s the one stealing the change I will go to children’s charities. Arrest him Disney ban him.

it's a small world

Credit: Disney

Regardless of what the man was actually doing, commenters were just stunned that he would be so reckless. There are a lot of moving parts under the water and one wrong move can result in serious injury.

Sadly, this is not the first time that a guest has acted so recklessly while riding “it’s a small world”.

In late July, two adults were filmed jumping out of two of the boats. What was even more disturbing was that they had their children jump out as well. Thankfully, no one was hurt. We do not know if the offending guests were confronted by cast members about their actions.

Guests "it's a small world" boats

Credit: foosgonedisney Instagram

If you do happen to lose your phone while riding a Disney attraction, DO NOT try to retrieve it. Wait until the ride returns to the loading zone. You can then inform a cast member about what happened and let them know the area you dropped it in.

You can also go to Guest Services and report the phone lost. Disney cast members will take a report — be sure to give as many details as possible — and will then give you a case number. Should they retrieve your lost item, they will ship it back to you for free.

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