Disney Shares New Photos of Baby Zebra Born at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team recently shared the news of a zebra birth at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and now we have new photos of the newest addition to the resort’s savanna!

Credit: Disney

This healthy female foal was recently born to mom Zoey, a Hartmann mountain zebra who resides on the savanna at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The birth is very exciting news for conservationists everywhere as the Hartmann mountain zebra species is currently classified as vulnerable in the wild.

Credit: Disney

Guests staying at or visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge have already caught glimpses of this mother and daughter duo in action as they can now be seen bonding and wandering through the savanna together. (If you are not staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can get an excellent view of the savanna by heading out to the balcony off the lobby where you’ll find sets off rocking chairs.)

Credit: Disney

Zebra foals born at the Walt Disney World Resort are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Program, which works to promote responsible breeding and genetic diversity among hundreds of species of animals that the association strives to protect in the wild. Hartmann mountain zebras are found in sub-Saharan Africa and are especially vulnerable due to habitat loss and hunting in their homes, so every foal born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge or zoos and preserves around the world contribute to the protection of these beautiful animals.

Credit: Disney

Wondering how to tell a Hartmann mountain zebra from others on the savanna? Both Hartmann mountain and Grevy zebras have stripes that stop at the edge of their bellies, but you can tell a Hartmann mountain zebra by the smaller ears! The other type of zebras you may see at Animal Kingdom or the Lodge is the common zebra, which look similar except their stripes wrap around the whole body.

You can help support Hartmann zebras and other animals you see at Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge by donating to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. You can make a donation in any amount at merchandise and quick service dining locations throughout the park and resort, and Disney will cover all of the fund’s overhead costs and match every donation!

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