Disney Springs Gideon’s Bakehouse Reveals February Cookie!

Gideon's Bakehouse February Cookie
Images Credit: Gideon's Bakehouse

Calling all Disney foodies! With a new month comes NEW Walt Disney World Resort foodie must-haves! That’s right, the extremely (and we mean extremely) popular Gideon’s Bakehouse located in The Landings portion of Disney Springs has revealed its February cookie, cake, cold brew, and more. Drool along with us over the enticing details and photos below.

Gideon's Bakehouse
Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse

Let’s get right to it! Gideon’s Bakehouse has revealed this month’s cookie details, along with a special cake and cold brew release, plus special February merchandise. Let’s kick this off with the February cookie details as noted below:

“The Valentine’s month Cookie is here, and it is pure Passion! Our Velvety Five Flavor Chocolate Cookie is laced with our special house-made Ancho, Cayenne, and Cinnamon Spice Mix, infused with a magical essence of cherry and topped with Chocolate Covered Cherries. It’s a deep chocolate flavor followed by the tingling warmth of a first kiss and the sweet presence of cherries. The one you’ve been waiting for your entire life is here, and it loves you without condition, eternally. Available throughout February, while supplies last each day. Heat Level to our palate: Medium.”

Gideon's Velvety Five Flavor Chocolate Cookie
Velvety Five Flavor Chocolate Cookie (Credit: Gideon’s)

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Let’s move along to Gideon’s February cake, shall we? Gideon’s Bakehouse notes, “This February, the Eternal Flame Cake is a 3-Layer Double Frosted Chocolate work of art! One layer is a lovingly made Red Cherry Buttercream, and the outer layer brings the intensity with a Chocolate Fudge Buttercream mixed with a little bit of that Eternal Flame spice. This beautiful cake features Cherry Roses that love so hard they bleed red ganache for you. Available TODAY by the slice, then every Saturday and Sunday of February at East End Market and Gideon’s at Disney Springs! Heat Level to our palate: Entry Level (aka Pffft, you think that’s hot?)”

Eternal Flame Cake is a 3-Layer Double Frosted Chocolate
Eternal Flame Cake is a 3-Layer Double Frosted Chocolate (Credit: Gideon’s)

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Of course, you’ll want something delicious to wash down your cookie and cake with. Gideon’s introduces their February Cold Brew with, “The Fire & Iced Coffee offers you a smooth Mocha Nitro Cold Brew with a warm spicy finish. Topped with red sugar that bleeds into your drink! We will be offering this special February love potion exclusively at Gideon’s in Disney Springs all month. You can order it regular or, if you dare, ask for extra heat!! Heat Level to our palate: Medium to Hot. Your choice!”

Fire & Iced Coffee
Fire & Iced Coffee (Credit: Gideon’s)

And last but not least, meet Valentina, Gideon’s special reveal for February as noted with, “We’ve uncovered the secret history of Valentine’s Day direct from the source, Valentina Broccha! You can find her signed Limited Online Exclusive Print online NOW! A Valentina Shirt and Sticker are also online now and will be in stores this weekend!” From shirts to stickers, plus new pins, Gideon’s has plenty of merchandise to check out which is currently in stores and online.

Gideon's Valentina
Valentina (Credit: Gideon’s)

Gideon’s is a well-known bakery that started in Orlando. The small-batch, handmade, almost half-pound cookies were such a huge success that another shop was developed in Disney Springs. Now, a full year after Gideon’s opened at Disney Springs, there are still lines out the door with Disney fans seeking the chance to have a bite of the cookies that take over 24 hours to create to Gideon’s perfection. From the Original Chocolate Chip to the yummy Pistachio Toffee, Gideon’s is known to wow with its impressive flavors.

Is anyone else rushing out to snag some February goodness from Gideon’s Bakehouse this month? We’ll see you at Disney Springs!

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