Disney STILL Requires Masks, Here’s What You Need to Know

Credit: Disney

With the changing nature of the COVID virus, Walt Disney World Resort has updated its mask policy for the protection of Guests and Cast Members. 

As with most things associated with COVID, situations may change quickly, so it is always best to check directly with Disney before your travel to see if the rules have been modified.  Here are the five things to know about Disney World’s current mask policies.

Disney Face Masks

Credit: Disney

Mandatory on Transportation – Guests utilizing the Disney transportation system are required to wear masks while on the Monorail, the internal Disney bus system, as well as the Skyliner.  Guests are not required to wear masks if they utilize one of the various ferry boats between parks and resorts.  While it is a longer ride to the Magic Kingdom, Guests may want to board one of the ferryboats if they want to avoid having to wear a mask.

Must Be Worn Indoors – With the surge of the Delta variant, Disney has reinstated the requirement that Guests wear masks in any indoor location — while queuing for an attraction that has an indoor portion, shopping at any of the merchandise locations on the property, or while in a restaurant when you are not at your table.  Unfortunately for consistency, this requirement is not equally enforced as enforcement is left to individual Cast Members in those locations.

Applies to Everyone 2 and Older – Children under the age of 2 are not required to wear masks.  If you are traveling with young children who are required to wear a mask, make sure you pack a few extra masks in case you get lost, or you want to change the mask at some point during the day.

Bi-layer Mask Required – Disney requires that the masks Guests wear be at least two layers in thickness to provide the appropriate level of protection and filtration.  Disney still maintains a prohibition on bandana-style masks, as well as masks that have valves or vents built into them.  The masks should cover the mouth and nose fully and be worn snugly against the face.

Attractions – any indoor attraction will require Guests to be masked, as well.  Don’t be tempted to remove your mask once you board the attraction because Disney will not provide you any onboard photos that are taken from your account.

Credit: Disney

We are hopeful that as the fall approaches and the 50th anniversary of the Park nears that the mask policies will be revisited and updated. Still, Guests are not required to wear masks outdoors, so that is always a good thing, given the humidity and temperatures that Disney World can experience this time of the year!

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