Disney World Stuns With Delicious Comfort Food and Gorgeous Desserts for The 50th Anniversary Celebration

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Walt Disney World’s big 50th anniversary is coming up on Friday, and Disney World’s chefs are ready with more than “150 sips and bites full of color, whimsy, and a touch of EARidescent shimmer”! Since Walt Disney himself liked “roast lamb, roast beef hash topped with a fried egg, chili, fried chicken” and “lemon, apple, chocolate, and bread pudding desserts”, many of the special menu items were inspired by him. There’s also lots of decadent, delicate chocolate and patisserie desserts, so everyone with a fancier palate will be just as delighted as those who are in the mood for a hearty, Old English-style, comfort food meal!

Collage of treats from Magic Kingdom Park during The World's Most Magical Celebration

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

First up in the Magic Kingdom is the Uncle Orville Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Sundae (shown above) at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies. This exciting sundae has “chocolate and vanilla soft-serve, brownie pieces, hot fudge, and whipped cream topped with red, white, and blue sprinkles served in a bathtub”. Bonus points for creativity! In Casey’s Corner, you should follow up that dessert with another one: the Pressed Penny Silk Pie, which includes a “chocolate tart shell, silky chocolate filling, sweet whipped cream, and a chocolate-pressed penny”. Read the full menu list to find everything pictured in the images here; we’re just showing you the highlights for now!

Happy Haunts Milkshake, Mission to Mars burger, a plate from the Crystal Palace, and The Toad Burger

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Columbia Harbor House is the perfect place for anyone who wants a milkshake, but the special Happy Haunts Milkshake offers a unique flavor with blackberries and a purple chocolate-glazed doughnut! If you’re a fan of Jungle Cruise (or the new movie) then head to Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen for some Veranda Fried Rice, which is “spicy chili-garlic shrimp served over pork fried rice with eggs and peas” that is actually from the Verandah Restaurant’s original menu!

Veranda Fried Rice, Dumbo Churros, The Banana Boom split, and Cheers to 50 Years! sundae

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Hand-dipped 50th Celebration Mickey Premium Bar and 50th Celebration Chocolate Gâteaux

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Any Disney Guest with a sophisticated dessert palate and a strong perception of flavor knows that if you want elegant, high-quality Disney food, you go to Tiffins. And Tiffins hasn’t disappointed its Guests for the 50th! You’ll particularly love the 50th Celebration Chocolate Gâteaux; it’s an “almond praline, white chocolate crémeux, ganache, and chocolate-South African cream liqueur sauce”. Check it out in the bottom right image above!

Glimmer and Shimmer Pineapple Mousse, Filet Mignon with Walt's Hash topped with an egg, Shimmer over the Moon, and Chocolate Mousse

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Trolley Car Café’s Glimmer and Shimmer Pineapple Mousse (golden pineapple mousse on a toasted coconut crisp with caramel cream and matcha sponge cake) would be the perfect follow-up to The Hollywood Brown Derby’s Filet Mignon (which features Walt’s Hash and an egg on top, in the style that Walt preferred)!

Key Lime Tart, EARidescent Croissant Doughnut, Chocolate Mousse Bar, and Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Onto EPCOT! The dessert offerings continue at the Coral Reef Restaurant, where you can get a “Key Lime Tart with toasted meringue, EARidescent shimmer, sprinkles, and chocolate garnish”, and at the Sunshine Seasons, where you can get an amazing mini chocolate bundt cake topped with chocolate ganache, sprinkles, and EARidescent shimmer.

50th Celebration Petit Cake, 50th Celebration Chocolate Bundle, Chocolate Pigñata, and Sweet Nostalgia Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

In Disney Springs, Disney Guests will be drawn to the unique 50th Celebration Petit Cake at Amorette’s Patisserie. This vanilla chiffon cake has a unique blend of “celebration blue mousse, blueberry jam, and lemon curd”! The delightful pig piñata above will also entertain Guests at the Frontera Cocina–and the cajeta mousse, whiskey & vanilla cake, chipotle bacon, candied orange, and Maria cookies inside will be a surprise!

Chocolate Mousse with a cardamom financier, 50th Anniversary Peanut Butter-Banana Pie, Braised Lamb Shank, and Chicken Dinner Cupcake Trio

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Anyone who’s looking for a peanut butter celebration method might want to visit the Contempo Café at Disney’s Contemporary Resort; the “sweet tart shell filled with peanut butter mousse and banana sauce” is complemented nicely by chocolate on top! Before your dessert, though, consider something like the braised lamb shank at Toledo. Its “olive oil-potato purée, rosemary-roasted garlic gravy, huckleberry jam, and English peas” will combine to give you a hearty meal!

There’s no place like the Grand Floridian for decadence, and the resort provides it once again with a 50th Anniversary Vintage Minnie’s Brown Betty Profiterole. This cream puff is “filled with one of Walt’s favorite flavors of cinnamon-spiced apples and Chantilly cream”, making it perfect for autumn!

Petit Stump Cake and 50th Celebration Tart

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Next up is the Petit Stump Cake, an adorable little cake from the Roaring Fork that Guests at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge will love. ​The crowd-pleasing flavors inside (chocolate cake with birthday cake buttercream filling) will be a bonus after seeing the delicate chocolate “bark” fondant that surrounds them! The Market at Ale & Compass has one more surprise for Disney Guests: it’s a “birthday cake mousse dome on top of a milk chocolate mousse-filled vanilla tart shell with mini chocolate crisp pearls, buttercream, fondant, and chocolate décor”. We don’t know about you, but we’re unable to choose a favorite! There’s still plenty of hearty entrees and refined desserts on Disney World’s list, so take a look and start planning your visit after October 1st!

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