Disney’s Pastry Chefs Have Made A Gingerbread Giraffe

Credit: Disney

There’s no place that does the holiday season quite like Disney does–and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has found a whole new way to give its Guests a unique holiday experience! Disney shared the following images on Twitter, saying that “Guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge woke up to a wild surprise in the lobby this morning! This gingerbread baby giraffe was made by our talented Pastry Chef Team and is on display through January 1.”


Credit: Disney Parks Twitter

At first glance, the chefs’ handiwork looks pretty impressive, and it only grows more impressive upon further inspection! The size of the baby giraffe also makes it a more significant feat; most people wouldn’t endeavor to create an elaborate gingerbread figure, and especially not a tall one that’s also meant to be freestanding! Although Disney’s chefs didn’t make an adult giraffe out of gingerbread, there’s certainly no putting it past them in the future, either.

Since the Animal Kingdom Lodge is known for the animals that roam its landscape (including giraffes), this particular dessert is definitely appropriate. Disney also shared an image of the Lodge’s lobby, shown below, which has clearly been decked out for the holiday celebrations!


Credit: Disney Parks Twitter

Guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge can absolutely expect some vibrant and creative holiday decor during their stay this December, but any Disney fanatic also knows that some of the biggest treats will be edible ones. After all, with pastry chefs who are creating convincing baby giraffes out of gingerbread, is it any surprise that the other limited-edition holiday meals they’ve concocted at Walt Disney World are ranging from “Kālua Pork (topped with Okinawa Purple Sweet Potatoes and Mango Salad)” to a “chocolate cheesecake topped with cherry compote, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a white chocolate coin inspired by the “It’s a Small World” attraction”?

Are you going to Walt Disney World Resort for the holidays, and are you staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge?


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