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Disney's Photopass

You’re about to leave for Walt Disney World with your family for the most magical trip you’ve ever taken. Your bags are packed, your hotel is booked, and you can’t wait to get to the parks and experience all there is to see and do! But a trip this special and magical must be documented well with photos of all the fun you’ll have. And you don’t want to spend your entire trip stuck behind a camera. Enter Disney’s PhotoPass System—an amazing way to ensure you get all of those once-in-a-lifetime photos, with the help of some really talented Disney photographers. If you’re unfamiliar with PhotoPass, here’s a quick rundown to help you understand some of the best things about this great system!


1. There is no fee for the photographers’ services.

As you explore the four theme parks at Walt Disney World, you will see PhotoPass Photographers set up in front of iconic structures like Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, and the Tree of Life. They are also available to take photos of you and your family at various character meet-and-greet locations at the theme parks. These professionals are Cast Members whose role is memorializing your trip through photography, and the best part of it all is that this service is free to Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort. In short, Disney does not charge Guests to have their photos taken by PhotoPass Photographers.

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2. Your photos can be linked directly to your Disney account.

After the PhotoPass Photographer takes pictures of you and your family, he or she will then scan your MagicBand. This links those digital photos to your My Disney Experience account. It can take up to an hour for the photos to show up on your account. Once they are linked, you can view them via the My Disney Experience app or by visiting It’s great to be able to look back over your picture proofs at the end of your day in the parks and relive the magic all over again.

3. Memory Maker is amazing!

If you want to step up your PhotoPass game, you can purchase Disney’s Memory Maker. It’s a digital package that keeps all your family’s ride photos and PhotoPass photos from all over the Disney World Resort in one streamlined spot. Each time you enjoy a ride at which photos are taken by stationary cameras, those photos will be automatically added to your Disney account (at a few attractions, you will need to tap your MagicBand to the kiosk that corresponds with your photos), as will any photos taken of you and your family by Disney’s PhotoPass Photographers. The best time to purchase Memory Maker is before your trip so that your ride photos are uploaded from the first day of your trip. You can purchase the package during your trip, but the service is not retroactive, meaning that any ride photos taken before your purchase will not be available. And the best thing about Memory Maker is that the digital photos do not have proof watermarks over them—they are yours to import from the beginning! You can buy Memory Maker by calling (407) W-DISNEY or by visiting The advance purchase price is $169, and the non-advance price is $199. Memory Maker is a must for your trip!

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4. Passholders enjoy the benefits of Memory Maker at no cost.

If you are a Disney World Annual Passholder, Memory Maker is already included on your Disney account. There is no need to make a separate purchase of this fascinating digital package.

5. Make the most of photo ops all over the Disney World Resort.

Now that you know about the PhotoPass system at Disney World, you’ll want to make the most of opportunities to pose for pictures with your family and friends all over the resort. PhotoPass photographers set up in various places in the four theme parks, and you can even find them at Disney Springs from time to time. They are usually present at scheduled character encounters, and they even play a role in some of the character dining experiences. One of the most fun pics to pose for is in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom near the Tangled-themed restrooms. In the evening, weather permitting, just across from the restrooms, you will find a PhotoPass photographer and a line forming to have pictures taken. That’s because you and your family can have your picture taken as you hold an illuminated lantern. The light from the lantern against a backdrop of nighttime make for some very memorable photos indeed.

6. You can do a lot with those photos.

Once you’re home from your magical trip, you will be able to do several things with the photos that were taken by the PhotoPass photographers. If you purchased Memory Maker, you’ll have access to those photos instantly. You will be able to upload or import your photos to your smartphone, laptop, tablet and more. You can also purchase photo gifts online. Photos that you upload or import to use in a photo gift will be available for 45 days after you import them. If you need them for longer, you can purchase an expiration extension which will make your uploaded pictures available for 60 days after you upload them. To see the expiration date for each photo, open the My Disney Experienceapp and click on a photo to enlarge it. Underneath the photo, you will find the expiration date.

7. If you need help, just ask.

If you ever have questions about Disney’s PhotoPass system, or if you encounter any problems or concerns, help is never far away. There are PhotoPass kiosks at each theme park and also at Disney Springs. At the kiosks you can speak with someone in person about your PhotoPass issues. If you have questions or concerns once you’re back home, don’t worry. You can still get help by visiting www.DisneyPhotoPass.comor by calling (407) 560-4300.

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