Do You Know These 10 Insider Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Walt Disney World’s Rides?

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The amount of amazing rides at Walt Disney World is daunting. The thought of getting through every single ride on Walt Disney Property seems near impossible; however, there are definitive ways to get the most out of the rides you have the opportunity to go on, and here are 10 tips to do that:

10.) Plan your meals first

Here’s a fun fact about getting the most out of your ride experience: you need to eat in order to enjoy your day. Some people will just plan out when they’re going to go on a ride, and then eat whenever they’re free, which can make for a hungry and grumpy ride experience. You should always plan your meals first, especially if you want to eat somewhere that requires reservations. Take care of yourself before you have fun.

9.) Know the type of ride before you go

Before you ever get in line, you should always know what type of ride you’ll be going on. If you’re only into big thrills, then It’s a Small World probably isn’t your cup of tea. If you only want to go on classic rides, then skip on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. You should always know what type of ride the attraction is, what the height requirements are, and what the general review of the ride is. It’ll make for a much better experience.

8.) Rides Change with Time of Year

Depending on the time of year, some rides are better than others. For instance, going on Splash Mountain in January is not something I would recommend. Going in the middle of July, however, can be refreshing and fun. Animal Kingdom differs greatly depending on the time of year. The flowers, plants, and animals are all young and blooming, making it a stark contrast from Fall. Always look into the different attractions and know that these rides are appreciated differently depending on when you go.

7.) Know Peak Times

There are definitive peak times within parks during midday; it’s because of this that some of the more popular rides, such as Toy Story Mania, might be better put off until the night or done right at the beginning of the day. Some rides are worth the 30-40 minute wait during the day; some rides, however, are best if you scratch them off your list right when you get there, or get on them within the last two hours of the park.

6.) Use Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours are hours where certain parks are open for longer periods of time to those staying on Disney Property. These hours allow you extra time before or after the park opens where you can go on rides like Test Track, which can have lines over 120 minutes long during midday, with 20 minute waits. Know what parks have EMH, and take full advantage of them to go on the rides you want.

5.) Bring Water

Sometimes, the lines at Walt Disney World can get very, very long. And when you’re standing outside in the Orlando heat, knowing that you can’t give up your spot in line but you seriously need a drink of water, you’re going to be miserable. In order to enjoy the ride in all its glory, you must bring water. Whether in a reusable bottle that you stow in your backpack or in a Dasani bottle that you hold the whole time, make sure that you have water. The rides won’t be nearly as fun if you’re feeling dehydrated, so bring water!

4.) Wear sunscreen

Some of the ride queues, such as Tower of Terror or Splash Mountain, have parts of the queue outside. Because of this, you must wear sunscreen. Nothing is going to make seatbelts and other protection devices more uncomfortable than a bright red, sensitive sunburn. If you really want to enjoy the rides, make sure your skin is protected and that you’re comfortable before you step foot on it.

3.) Enjoy the queue

If there’s a ride that you can’t get a fastpass for, don’t complain the entire time you’re waiting in line. There’s nothing Disney does better than detail, and this includes their queues. Take the time to look at the beautiful details the imagineers have included, from hidden Mickeys to architecture and painting. Many rides, such as Haunted Mansion and Winnie the Pooh, have included interactive queues into the ride so that you can play and discover while waiting for your turn on the ride. If you’re going on the ride, make sure you get the full experience by enjoying the queue rather than complaining about it.

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2.) Know where to find air-conditioning

Florida gets incredibly hot, sometimes even in November. Because of this, it’s important to know which rides offer the best air conditioning, especially during the middle of the day. In order to get the most out of WDW rides, you cannot go the whole day without being in an air-conditioned ride, because you will be miserable. Rides like Pirates of the Caribbean are perfect for getting a break from the Florida heat. From the moment you step into the queue, air conditioning is pressing down on you, and since the ride itself is an indoor water ride, it becomes even cooler. When you find a ride such as this, you will become much happier in the middle of the day than you would otherwise.

1.) Utilize Fastpasses

Whether you know about them or not, Fastpasses are essential to getting the most out of WDW rides. Fastpasses allow you to skip to the front of the line and get on the rides much more quickly than if you waited with the rest of the queue. Before you even step foot in the park, you can reserve up to 3 Fastpasses, and after you use those in the park, you can get more. These nifty tools make it easier to make the most out of your Disney trip. You’ll be able to get on more popular rides that usually have a 120 minutes wait in 10 minutes. You have to use fastpasses to get the most out of the WDW rides.

In order to get the most out of WDW rides, the most important thing is to stay calm, take care of yourself, and do your research. You will love every minute you’re on these Disney rides, and no matter how many you get to go on, you’ll be left wanting more!

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