Dove Cameron Reflects On Her Time As A Disney Channel Star

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Disney Channel star Dove Cameron has become known for her singing voice and her acting talents–now she’s in everything from stage productions of Mamma Mia to Marvel’s Agents of Shield, and she also has her own solo music–but the young actress initially started out in Disney’s charming sitcom “Liv and Maddie”, in which she played twin sisters. Liv was a cheerful feminine girl, while Maddie was a sardonic jock, and the show was a big success! After the show ended, Dove went on to star in Disney’s Descendants movies as Mal, the daughter of Disney villain Maleficent (played by Kristen Chenoweth). These movies involved lots of Kenny-Ortega-choreographed musical numbers a la High School Musical, but with Disney character twists. In a recent interview with Glamour, Dove reflected on the costuming and some behind-the-scenes from her career, and she spoke at length about her two long-standing jobs with Disney Channel!

For Liv and Maddie, Dove said that it was important to differentiate the two sisters with clothes as much as their wigs did. “A big differentiation between the girls was that Liv was basically always in heels which is kind of crazy, if you think about it…like a high school student just like every day in these like massive platforms”. When pondering Maddie’s favorite outfit from the show, she continued to poke holes in the show’s credibility, joking that the episode in which the girls clean their brothers’ room has a silly sock scene “which is still so stupid it makes me laugh”. But Dove remembered being excited about the episode’s costuming, because “it was the first time that Disney Channel had ever let Maddie have her hair like not in a ponytail or straight down. And we were so excited, I mean the producers were like ‘this is a new era’ and then they watched it back and they were like ‘never again’.”

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She pointed out another time when Disney Channel had been noticeably finicky about costume choices, and when she’d had to really push for little changes in her characters’ styles. For Liv in the show’s finale, Dove really pushed for a “multicolored, backless I think, like rainbow little tea dress…we got away with it only because it was the finale and I was like ‘please let me wear this kind of like beautiful more sophisticated dress. It was…pushing the limit for Disney”.


As far as Descendants goes, Dove Cameron proclaimed that the costumes were like “another lead character”. They were extremely “one of a kind” and “couture”, and some outfits were very heavy or cumbersome to wear. Certain pairs of pants also had to be painted on!


Did you know how much work and thought goes into the costumes on Disney Channel productions? And are you hoping to see Dove Cameron among the performers and Disney artists attending the live TV special celebrating Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary?

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