Enchanted’s Amy Adams Is Making Her Broadway Debut In London

The American actress Amy Adams has endeared movie viewers with her kind nature, her beauty, and her ability to be both tremulous and fiery while playing her roles. Whether she’s been Lois Lane in Superman or Princess Giselle from Enchanted, she’s always made an impression on audiences–and now, Amy Adams is headed to the stage! She is making her Broadway debut in “The Glass Menagerie” in London’s West End, and discussed the news with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (she also confirmed that Enchanted’s sequel Disenchanted is done filming, and dropped some hints about the movie). As it turns out, Amy is an avid Broadway fan; “I start talking really fast when I talk about Broadway”, she said excitedly, “because I totally turn into that high school student [whose] whole life is musicals”.

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“It’s really exciting,” she gushed to Jimmy Fallon about being onstage. “I think, you know, during this time where we didn’t have live theater, I really realized how much I missed it…not just being an audience member but that exchange of energy that happens in a live theater…that’s just so unique, and something I want to be a part of.” The show will open in May of 2022, although rehearsals have not started yet. Amy admitted to having stage fright, too. “I’m nervous. I have so much respect for the craft of stage acting and musicals and the eight shows a week, and I just look forward to the challenge.”

After seeing Amy’s stellar performances as a delicate but determined princess in Enchanted, a gutsy reporter in Superman, a groundbreaking scientist in Arrival, and countless other successful movies, we strongly suspect that she’ll be up to that challenge! Did you know that Amy was headed to Broadway? Are you excited for the Enchanted sequel?

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