EPCOT Adds More Breakfast to the World Showcase

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Attention early birds! If you’re a frequent Walt Disney World Resort Guest who has always wanted more breakfast options in the World Showcase found in the Disney Park EPCOT, then you’re in luck! EPCOT has added some easy on-the-go breakfast menu items to Isla Fresca, and the menu items also have a distinct Encanto theme for any fans of the Madrigal family!

The Isla Fresca outdoor kitchen is a part of the 2022 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, and this outdoor kitchen typically sports a heavy Caribbean style. But first thing in the morning, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, there will be a Colombian Encanto style instead!


Stephanie Beatriz in Disneyland Resort with her character Mirabel Madrigal from ‘Encanto’. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

One of the three Colombian menu items at this outdoor kitchen is the Dulce de Leche Cocoa Coffee, which sounds absolutely delicious and perfect for a brisk Disney morning, but it is the arepas that will be the highlight for any fans of Mirabel Madrigal. After all, an arepa con queso had a special place in Encanto when Mirabel’s mother healed her hand with this comfort food!

The new EPCOT and World Showcase breakfast menu items at this outdoor kitchen also include an arepa with egg and cheese as well as an arepa with chorizo, egg, and cheese for those Disney Guests who want a stronger flavor in their first meal of the day. As we all know, cheeses like cheddar cheese or swiss cheese combined with something spicy or flavorful like chorizo can be a real treat, and having an egg for breakfast (whether it’s a fried egg, scrambled egg, poached eggs, or a hardboiled egg) is a great way to start the day off strong!

Breakfast is crucial if you’re a Disney Guest traveling the world (i.e. the many country pavilions within the World Showcase), and an on-the-go breakfast that you can eat while on the move is particularly helpful. However, breakfast is not common in EPCOT; only two countries (Norway and France) consistently offer breakfast in the Disney Park World Showcase at the moment.


The final step in Disney’s cheese fritter recipe, inspired by Encanto! Credit: Disney Twitter

The menu items being offered at Isla Fresca are fun, have a specific theme, and (most of all) they’re temporary offerings for the EPCOT 2022 International Flower and Garden Festival — so you won’t want to miss out on trying these Encanto treats while you’re enjoying an early Disney morning! If you want to recreate Encanto food at home, be sure to check out this recipe straight from Disney for Colombian cheese fritters too!

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