Disney’s Newest Addition Dubbed ‘EPCOT Dining Hall’ by Fans

Communicore Hall
Credit: Disney

Our long nightmare is over…sort of. After years of construction, EPCOT has finally completed the World Celebration with the opening of CommuniCore Hall. So, for the first time since before COVID, there are no construction walls up at EPCOT.

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Disney Imagineering attempted to re-invent the space in CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza as an event area for festival overflow and special events. However, since there is a festival this summer, guests are calling the recently opened space ” lifeless” and “a poorly designed college dining hall.”

Outside of a few tables and festival-favorite treats, the wide open space inside CommuniCore Hall does offer much for guests. Outside in CommuniCore Plaza is a stage, home to Celebracion Encanto, and inside the hall is a character meet-and-greet featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends.

With the ample outdoor space and wide-open indoor space, fans are concerned that Walt Disney World may rent out this space for weddings and private events, which would further separate wealthy Disney World guests from everyone else.

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However, the biggest complaint about the new location is that the space is lifeless. With only a few flags and tables, that criticism seems valid. Guests also complained that after years of construction and walls dividing EPCOT, this was the best that The Walt Disney Company could come up with.

This is the latest in a long line of complaints about Disney World’s latest additions. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is only in previews, but guests already have severe issues with the attraction.

The new Magic Kingdom ride experienced dozens of breakdowns and evacuations during previews. The situation has become so bad that Disney Imagineering has had to halt previews to fix some ride issues.

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Guests are also concerned that this pattern of creating cheap updates at EPCOT will continue as Walt Disney World plans to invest $17 billion in the parks over the next 15 years.

This is not the first time Disney fans have called out Disney for cheap or lifeless upgrades at EPCOT. After only a few months, part of World Celebration is already rusting, and Disney used what is being called “Home Depot Specials” to replace the artisan tile in Morocco in World Showcase.

Despite CommuniCore Hall’s negative reviews, guests did find a good use for the indoor space: a place to stay dry during Florida’s summer afternoon thunderstorms.

It was probably not the use Disney World intended, but guests are finding it’s the best use of CommuniCore Hall for now.

Defenders say that once the new area is used as a festival space, it will look much better, but the next festival doesn’t start until late August.

For now, guests can relive their college days at the CommuniCore Dining Hall, as some have dubbed it. Disney fans hope that Josh D’Amaro has something better for them at this year’s D23 Expo, or there might be a riot.

But don’t worry, Disney fans. The construction walls will return later this month, and an update on Test Track is coming.

What are your impressions of the new CommuniCore Hall? 

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