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With theme parks on both coasts of the country and international parks in France, China, Hong Kong, and Japan, it’s understandable as to why some Disney World fans may become green with envy when looking at what other parks have. Especially when they are not in Orlando, Florida. 

Disneyland has been the home base of the Disney Parks since it opened in 1955. With that Park’s 70th birthday quickly approaching, it is still being reimagined with new additions and caring for the classic attractions and experiences. 

Here is our list of six things at Disneyland that we also want to see at Disney World!

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Theme Park Hotels

Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and Spa is situated in such a way that Guests staying in this hotel can walk directly from their hotel into Disney’s California Adventure, and some of the rooms offer views into the Park, as well.  Disney World Guests must remain content with “theme park view” rooms at the Polynesian Village Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, and the Disney’s Contemporary Resort. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge showcases some of the animals that Guests may see at Animal Kingdom, but still requires Guests to climb aboard a bus to access that Park.  Soon to open will be the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel which is built adjacent to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios — while this approaches our desire, we are still left wanting for a classic hotel with immediate theme Park access!

Disneyland Paris is also home to a hotel that offers immediate access to a Park and amazing views inside the Park.  

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Much of Disneyland’s attraction ideas were recreated in Florida when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, but the Matterhorn was not one of those attractions.  We are obviously sensitive to the confines of the Magic Kingdom that would prevent an expansion of this sort in the Park, but would love to see a Matterhorn-type attraction in EPCOT. 

When the Japan Pavilion was initially being developed, it was conceived that there could be a Mount Fuji attraction in the back of the pavilion.  At the time, one of EPCOT’s chief sponsors, Kodak, objected since Fuji is a prime competitor to them.  Given that the nature of photography has changed greatly in the time since EPCOT opened, maybe this would be a good plan to dust off and study again!

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Marvel Presence 

Avengers Campus just recently opened in Disney’s California Adventure.  Part of the land has debuted, and there is still more left to come, but we desperately want more of a Marvel presence in the Florida parks.  Guests can occasionally find some Marvel characters in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and we are anxiously awaiting the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT (seriously – the show building is HUGE!), but fans would love more. 

The reasons behind the non-presence in the parks are wrapped up in the Master Licensing Agreement from 1994 that Marvel signed with MCA which essentially prevents most of the Marvel characters from appearing in any theme park east of Mississippi. Still, with Disney now owning Marvel, we are hopeful for a day that the agreement is dissolved and the Imagineers can set to creating new Marvel experiences in Florida!

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Seasonal Overlays

Disneyland is packed to the brim with seasonal overlays on attractions in their Park.  Until very recently, Disney World did not have any.  Currently, the Jungle Cruise receives a holiday makeover to become the Jingle Cruise.  In addition to animals and explorers Guests will also find an assortment of holiday gifts festooned around the attraction. 

However, Disneyland sees seasonal overlays for the Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Christmas) and holiday pluses to other attractions.  Don’t get us wrong, we love the wreaths as we walk down Main Street, U.S.A., as well as the “snow,” but we would love to see just a little bit more!

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Inventive/Special Food Items 

Recently, we have noticed that much of the food and drink options at Disney World have become streamlined.  This certainly makes sense given the huge undertaking the entire food service process is in the parks.  However, taking a look at the options at Disneyland, it is hard not to feel a little frustrated.  One of the iconic snack carts in Disneyland serves delectable corn dogs and refreshing beverages. 

In California Adventure, Guests can snack on hand-rolled sandwiches filled with tasty fillings.  While Disney World does have some bright spots — immediately, my mind turns to the breakfast pastries at Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land; we would like to see more specialty items across the parks and a movement away from the burger, chicken fingers, and salad options prevalent at many of the quick-service locations.

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Nighttime Parades

It feels that Disneyland always has a nighttime parade while Disney World has been without one since 2016 when the Main Street Electrical Parade left Disney World only to return to California.  We loved the bevy of light that meandered through the Park, as well as the memorable soundtrack and that the parade featured some less popular figures from Disney’s intellectual property library. 

Disney World will be home to two new nighttime spectacles for their 50th anniversary at the Magic Kingdom and at EPCOT, but the pageantry and intimacy of a nighttime parade cannot be understated — we hope that will come; back one day soon!

Main St. Electrical Parade

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What else would you like to see imported from Disneyland to Disney World?  Where do you think it should be placed in the parks?

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