Fact or Fiction? 8 of the Biggest Epcot Rumors You May or May Not Believe


Ah, Epcot. Disney’s delightful celebration of innovation and cultural diversity. In the past year, Epcot has enjoyed some stellar changes including Frozen Ever After and the Soarin’ expansion. But according to several credible sources, there’s even more to look forward to in the coming years. Check out these unofficial (yet plausible?) rumors that are circulating:

8. Guardians of the Galaxy – The biggest buzz about Future World involves an addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Originally the prevailing news featured an overlay of the current Mission: Space attraction, which does seem to make financial sense. However, the latest speculations involve a takeover of the Universe of Energy pavilion. Some say that the Guardians would use a portion of the current track system, while others claim Universe of Energy would be demolished and a Guardians thrill ride would take its place. But a few scoff at all these notions, saying that Guardians will inevitably take over Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror, just like at Disneyland. Of course, others are worried that this loophole in the Marvel/Universal contract will somehow disintegrate and no Guardians will ever be seen in WDW. Yep, the internet’s buzzing fiercely, but with no official announcement, we’ll just have to wait and see.

7. Inside Out Imagination – Apparently there is a good chance that the beloved Figment will be retired in favor of the very popular Pixar characters from Inside Out. Joy and Sadness now have their own greeting area in Innoventions, and some say they’re testing the waters of crowd popularity there. Could the Emotions take over Imagination? Time will tell if this rumor has any foundation.

6. Coco Fiesta Tour – In the fall of 2017, Disney/Pixar is slated to release the new animated movie, Coco, revolving around the Day of the Dead. Minor rumors have been fluttering around about Coco taking over the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion. With the success of a movie-based overlay in Norway, this idea probably has some merit. But given the recent addition of the animatronic Three Caballeros (plus the fact that Coco won’t even be out for over a year), it seems like this rumor is just smoke in the wind at this point.

5. Tron Coaster – The highly anticipated Shanghai Disney resort opened its gates and promptly ignited the rumor mills. Several sources have suggested that the amazing Tron light bike/jetpack thrill ride in Shanghai is set to be cloned and introduced in the old Wonders of Life pavilion. However, some say that while it makes financial sense to re-make a ride, the theming seems more appropriate for Tomorrowland (as in Shanghai) and the Tron storyline itself is too far gone for U.S. audiences.

4. Muppet Mobile Labs – The Muppets are officially making an entrance to Magic Kingdom soon, and it seems that an introduction to Epcot isn’t far behind. Muppet Mobile Labs have been used before at California Adventure Park, and they are rumored to be on their way to pathways in Epcot. Using remote control puppeteering and plenty of high-tech audio animatronics, the Muppets interact with guests and perform “experiments” in the streets. Here’s hoping this rumor is true!

3. Ratatouille – For years there’s been speculation of a remake of Disneyland Paris’ Ratatouille ride in the France pavilion. Given the so-so popularity of the Impressions de France movie running there, it seems like a Ratatouille-themed overhaul would be a no-brainer. The ride in Paris immerses guests into the world of the lovable rat with video, motion, and physical elements. But so far nothing has come of this rumor except a lot of wishful thinking.

2. Innoventions’ Future – Innoventions has become somewhat of a ghost town of late. With Sum of All Thrills losing sponsorship, its days are supposedly numbered. Colortopia was introduced recently (and it’s awesome!) but there is no talk of any other exhibits being added anytime soon. Some say this is intentional, leaving room for a festival site when (if) Wonders of Life is taken over by Tron. That could be true…but Disney is also notorious for keeping cards close to the chest. Perhaps there’s more coming to Innoventions than we could even dream…

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1. IllumiNations Upgrade – The nighttime spectacular that is IllumiNations has been running continuously with only minor temporary changes since 1999. But now there is talk of an IllumiNations upgrade including water screens, flogo clouds (clouds formed into various shapes), and even drones. But with multiple delays on Rivers of Light in Animal Kingdom, it’s doubtful that an upgrade would happen anytime soon.

It’s fun to dream about all that Epcot could become in the near or distant future. Forward thinking is the spirit that Epcot was created on, after all.

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