Fans Liken Disney to a Pimp In Strangely Popular Analogy

disneyland pimp analogy

Disney fans are always coming up with the strangest analogies to explain their attachment to Disney and the Disney Theme Parks.

In recent times fans have expressed mixed feelings about the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks. On one hand, the Disney experience is still one many long for and travel many miles to get. Fans love being able to live their dreams while at the Parks.

But at the same time, many recent decisions have left folks unhappy and wanting for the old Disney.

Disneyland Park

Sleeping Beauty Castle/Disney

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In a recent social media, a Reddit user and Disney fan, u/natasharomanon initially asked, “Why are people so unwilling to criticize or stand up to Disney?”

To this question, another Disneyland Resort fan offered one of the strangest analogies yet for the relationship Disney fans have to the Company.

u/pementomento said,

Disneyland is like a high-end prostitute, managed by an abusive pimp, and has a drug addiction.

Clients don’t necessarily support that lifestyle, drug habit, or how the pimp treats her, but they go anyway because they get pleasure from the experience and have the money to do it.

While that might be a strange word to use, the analogy made sense to many fans. Check it out yourself:


The user called the relationship transactional. They continued, “People aren’t there to make political statements or other judgments. It just comes down to pleasure and price. People don’t want to “stand up to Disney” (by not partaking in the transaction) because the transaction still makes sense. When the transaction stops making sense, people will stop. For a small minority, that’s already happened.”

Many fans corroborated and applauded the example calling it the “perfect comparison.”


Mickey Mouse at Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort/Disney

One user, u/Objective-Ad5620 even continued, “…No matter how hard we try to make ethical consumer choices, inevitably something in the process is probably problematic or harmful or exploitative. So at the end of the day we just have to decide what makes sense for us.”

Regardless of whether you agree with these ideas for an analogy work or not for any reason, credit where it’s due for the fact that Disney fans are a creative lot!

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