Iger Keeps Taking From Fans, Now They Want To Cancel Disney

Fans want to cancel Disney Plus
Credit: Disney

Since his return, Disney CEO Bob Iger has had a pattern when it comes to earnings calls. He usually gives Disney fans something just before he takes even more away. For a while, it appeared that Iger was our personal Santa Claus. First, he brought back free parking at Walt Disney World Resorts, but that was more about sticking it to his predecessor, CEO Bob Chapek. But later, Iger is also giving us back the Disney Dining Plan and is getting rid of the hated reservation system next year.

Santa Bob Iger

Credit: Disney

But with those perks at Disney World, Iger also raised the prices on Disney Genie Plus. He gave, and he took.

At his first earnings call with Wall Street investors, Iger announced a new live-action Moana, but then he said 7,000 employees would be losing their jobs. But at his most recent earnings call, all Bob Iger did was take away from Disney fans, and now those fans have decided they’ve had enough and are canceling Disney.

Iger announced that Disney was going to raise prices on Disney Plus. If you want to continue with the ad-free option, your cost will increase to $13.99 monthly, a 27 percent increase. The ad-supported version will remain at $7.99. Iger said that the ad-free Disney Plus/Hulu bundle will increase to $17.99 monthly, a 20 percent increase.

Disney had already announced removing hundreds of programs from the streaming platform, but now fans were getting less for more. To make matters worse, Disney is following in Netflix’s footsteps and cracking down on password sharing.

As a result, Fans have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to share their frustration with Disney Plus and Iger’s moves. The phrase “cancel Disney Plus” has exploded on social media.

Disney has lost millions of subscribers but has begun punishing those who stayed with higher prices and fewer shows. Iger has said that he is also re-examining shows from Star Wars and Marvel because of the cost.

Disney fans now get less of what they want from the Disney Bundle and Disney Plus. They see the subscription as not worth it, especially with many other options.

So, the Disney Fan will be headed elsewhere, and it remains to be seen if Bob Iger will take notice of the departure. But for now, Cancel Disney Plus has become a rallying cry online.

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